Increase % of your engaged employees!

Leading organizations use Remo platform to create virtual environments that motivate and engage users offering stunning audiovisual experience. Employees gain rich engagement, create meaningful connections and benefit from peer-to-peer interaction. No more Zoom fatigue or tired Teams when it comes to group engagement. Leverage exciting virtual setup for creative environments conducive to engagement, discussions, sharing and positive outcomes. Research confirms that rich virtual environment can increase creative output by 3.2X.

With Remo you can:

  • Increase participation - typically nearly 90% of Remo users have mic & camera on
  • Enable peer-to-peer networking and relationships
  • Maintain interest and excitement with easy to swap floorplans for different meeting types
  • Manage your weekly meetings, town halls, and award ceremonies etc. all in one platform
  • Use MS Teams & Zoom for one-to-all meetings and Remo for breakouts, workshops and all activities needing personal touch

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Hybrid doesn't need to mean boring!

Get in touch with us to see how quickly you can take next steps to to:

Recreate familiar or unique physical spaces in the virtual world with customizable floor plans

Give users the flexibility to move freely from presentation to presentation

Select your breakout table/room size from intimate discussions to private large-group conversations

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