3X your funding outreach

Remo makes poster sessions accessible to a larger and more diversified audience giving you access to more funding and increased peer-to-peer collaboration opportunities.

Faculty and Students from these institutions and more use Remo for rich online engagement

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Increase access to funding for  projects by 55%
Drive 3X more peer-to-peer engagement to your poster sessions

Boost your show-up rate by 76%

A graphic illustrating a poster presentation example on Remo.
A video showing how breakout rooms work within Remo.

Share research on a global stage while protecting proprietary information

Use profile cards for global peer-to-peer collaboration and connections  

Recreate an environment familiar to your users with a customizable floor plan

Allow individuals to protect their sensitive information and multimedia though secure and lockable whiteboards

Maintain rights and access to sensitive information

Allow presenters to control who can see what information and for how long 

Display multimedia content for a professional presentation

Create and publish templates to maintain a cohesive look and feel across all presentations

A video displaying the whiteboard capabilities within Remo using Miro.
A video showing how breakout rooms work within Remo.

Customize your online event experience

Recreate familiar or unique physical spaces in the virtual world with customizable floor plans  

Give users the flexibility to move freely from presentation-to-presentation without having to be sorted manually

Select your table size from intimate discussions to private large-group conversations

Discover what Remo has to offer your virtual events & conferences