The Perfect Virtual Event Platform for Your Virtual Expo

No other virtual event platform enable you to create a virtual exhibition just like real life.

Here’s how Remo can help you create the best possible experience:

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

A virtual experience that rivals in-person events

With Remo, your virtual expo will feel and look just like the live event. Your attendees can walk around and stop at an exhibitor booth, ask questions, get informations, network in the exhibition hall, and way more!

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Best Virtual Expo Functionalities

Here are some of the functionalities that as an organizer you need to look for in a virtual expo tool.

virtual meeting video

Video meetings

Of course, you need a tool that enables your attendees to talk face-to-face with video meetings. And since with Remo they can actually have natural conversations and networking, they will keep their video and unmute more than with any zoom webinars or teams meeting.

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Presentation mode

Another very important functionality is presentation mode. If you have speakers, want to present sponsors, or explain all the different virtual booths, you can jump in presentation and present conferences, webinars, sponsors and more to everyone in the virtual event.

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Virtual booths

Remo works with tables you can use for breakout sessions, group workshops, private conversations, or in that case, as exhibitors booths for your virtual trade show. Each table acts like a virtual fair booth, you can add content, images of new products, links and posters to each table with whiteboards.

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Virtual environment & Networking

Your virtual event platform should provide a fun environment where your attendees and managing directors can hang out, discuss and network just like they would with a real exhibition. They can do lead generation initiatives and create new partnerships. You can then send them notifications when a presentation is about to start.

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virtual meeting polling

Polling and Q&A

In most virtual meeting software it's quite difficult to get feedback from everyone, particularly enabling people to ask questions freely. With our live Q&A feature, everyone can write questions in real-time and not get lost in the chat.

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Custom floor plans

You can use our pre-made floor plan templates, or create your very own custom floor plan that can look exactly like your exhibition hall, with exhibitors booths and sponsors featured.

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Virtual Expos Tips

Pandemic or not, here are a couple tips to keep in mind to have an effective virtual conference or virtual expo.

1. Choose between a completely virtual expo or hybrid event.

2. Use an event management tool to have all your tools and metrics at the same place.

3. Have a virtual exhibition tool that enable you to create event year-round and is easy to use whether you’re fresh from high school, or an executive director opening the software for the first time.

4. Choose the right virtual meeting platform that gives you all the necessary features.

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Key features you’ll love:

You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan, the choice is yours! 

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Remo is enabling true conversations and smooth event planning for thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide!

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