The Perfect Virtual Networking Platform For Your Event

You’re planning a virtual networking event and need a good virtual event platform? We got you!

Here’s how Remo can help you create the best possible experience:

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Online networking Made Simple

If you’ve ever done virtual networking with a zoom video call, or event with breakout rooms you know that it’s far from ideal. That’s why you need a complete online networking platform like Remo.

With Remo you can create online networking events that are just as engaging as in-person events. You can walk around, make new connections, or even schedule speed networking sessions very easily!

Virtual meeting networking
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Best Virtual networking Functionalities

Here are some of the functionalities you need to get the best virtual networking experience. Whether it's for virtual conferences, webinars or speed networking. Keep these networking features

virtual meeting video

Video meetings

Video conferencing is very important in a virtual networking event. The best way to connect with other event attendees is by discussing via video chat in real-time. You can see the person you are talking to, and have meaningful discussions.

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Profile Card

To expand your professional network, having business cards or profile cards to share your contact information is essential. You just met someone super interesting? Click on their profile and add them to Linkedin in one click.

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virtual meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Whether you want to create roundtables for different shared interests, or different co-workers, or if you want one-on-one tables to build relationships on a more personal level, with Remo you can create rooms with exactly how many tables, of how many attendees as you need.

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Presentation of live events

Your networking is just part of a webinar or a pre-event get-together? No problem, with Remo you can easily switch from networking mode to presentation mode, and share keynotes, live videos and more. It’s also perfect for icebreakers, explaining how the live event will go, or for hybrid events.

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Speed Networking

To maximize the networking opportunities, you can create a speed networking event. With Remo’s shuffle and timer feature, nothing is simpler. As an event planner, you’ll have almost nothing to do!

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virtual meeting floorplan

Custom floor plans

Your breakout sessions do not need to be boring looking. You can re-create a real-life space, or have your networking event on a virtual beach, clubhouse, or a virtual happy hour bar. Nothing is off limits with Remo’s custom floor plans!

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Networking event ideas and tips

Pandemic or not, social distancing isn’t a thing online. Here are some networking event ideas to bring your event to the next level:

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Key features you’ll love:

You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan, the choice is yours! 

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Remo is enabling true conversations and smooth event planning for thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide!

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