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Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

An online summit that rivals in-person events

Virtual events should be more than a call on zoom, you need a tool that provides networking opportunities for your participants and potential speakers, sponsorship visibility, and more so that your user experience and attendee engagement is just as great (if not better) than a live event.

Virtual meeting networking
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Best Virtual Summit Functionalities

Here are some of the functionalities that as an organizer you need to look for in an online conference tool. Whether it's for webinars, virtual summits or a global conference. Keep these features in mind to get the most successful summit possible.

virtual meeting video

Video conference

The very first and most important feature of any virtual conference tool is to be able to have quality video meetings. Make sure your video conference provider has functionalities like backgrounds, screen sharing, multiple speakers, and more.

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Virtual Networking

Your virtual event platform should provide a fun environment where your attendees can hang out, discuss and network in between presentations just like they would with an in-person summit. You can then send them notifications when a conference is about to start, and everyone’s profile can include their company, contact information and LinkedIn profile.

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virtual meeting polling

Polling and Q&A

In most virtual meeting software it's quite difficult to get feedback from everyone, particularly enabling people to ask questions freely. With our polling or live Q&A feature, everyone can write questions in real-time and not get lost in the chat.

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Custom floor plans

You can use our pre-made floor plan templates, or create your very own custom floor plan that can look exactly like your onsite venue, a beach, a cozy coffee shop, a restaurant, a club, anything you want!

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Virtual Summit Tips

Here are a couple pro tips to keep in mind to have an effective virtual summit.

1. Choose between a free virtual summit, or determine a fair pricing for your target audience (you can vary the subscriptions with all-access pass, recordings only passes, live sessions only, etc).

2. Have a landing page and registration page ready ideally with testimonials of past summits. If it’s your first summit, you can replace it with a list of the key topics or thought leaders. Make sure to have opt-ins for email marketing outreaches.

3. Choose your keynote speakers carefully, it will not only help your conversion rate to have interesting speakers, but your summit is only as good as its content.

4. Have a forum or chatroom where attendees and entrepreneurs can discuss the different activities and network during the event as they would onsite.

5. Don’t just count on word-of-mouth, promote the event through email marketing, social media posts (Linkedin, Facebook, etc), marketing strategies, etc. for a better lead generation.

6. Provide a follow-up to your email list with questions to know how to improve your conference (messaging, integrations to add, speakers, tools, etc.)

7. Repurpose your content and relationships with thought leaders by doing podcasts, live sessions, partnerships, blogs, and doing remarketing for other events to your email subscribers.

8. Choose the right virtual meeting platform that gives you all the necessary features.

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