Remo Brings Remote Teams Together

All the benefits of a physical workspace.
All the freedom of remote work.
All the power of being connected.

What is Remo?

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All the benefits of in-office interaction, none of the gridlock.

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Individual “rooms” where employees can casually chat or collaborate.

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A virtual workspace to make remote teams more accessible.

Build Strong Company Culture

Remo takes the isolation out of remote work with a fun platform your people will want to use. Remote employees will feel connected to their team without sacrificing the flexibility of remote work.

“After using Remo, we saw a dramatic improvement in collaboration, especially using video calls.”

“All the other products … like Skype and video conferencing tools … are basically a telephone but with video. Remo more closely resembles the physical workspace, and I don’t think any other product does that.”

– Haoyang Feng, Chief Technology Officer for

Improve Productivity and Collaboration

Real-time communication makes remote teammates more accessible for collaboration. Instantly interact with a coworker just by entering the same room.

Move from room to room in Remo visual team space

“I’m getting faster sales, I’m getting faster clients, I’m getting better results.”

“I would recommend this to anyone who manages a remote team … [Life’s] a lot more simple. That’s it, everything is in one place.”

Sebastian Salas, CEO – Founder of Conectal.

Build a Community for Your Remote Team

Remo makes bonding with remote teammates feel easy and natural. High-quality video and audio simulate authentic in-office interaction.

Have fun in Remo visual team space
Group chat in Remo visual team space

“We actually found the video quality to be better than most other tools for larger group meetings.”

Haoyang Feng, CTO for

According to Pulse Surveys, Remo Users Experienced

3x Happier Employees

2x Increased Employee Retention

75% Improved Company Culture

Build Meaningful Relationships

Laugh with your teammates. Build relationships and strengthen bonds.

Group chat in Remo visual team space

How It Works

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Log into your team’s space when you start to work.

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Set your status to let coworkers know when you are available.

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Talk to coworkers instantly just by walking into their room.

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Enable video and audio to simulate the “tap on the shoulder” effect.

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Your Remote Team Should Feel Like a Family

Make it Happen with Remo