Grow your revenue, and connect with your audience in the most interactive way online

Create powerful webinars, summits, live q&a’s, or conferences, scale attendee engagement, and sell sponsorship!

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The amazing things people are saying about us

“Remo helps me provide in-person networking – online, accessible to a global audience everywhere, easy to use and set up in seconds.”

Jimmy Newson

“If we didn’t provide interactive engagement opportunities for our audience through Remo, we’d miss that in-person networking feeling, it’s now 5x our engagement”

Rachel McGehee

Our Unique Features

HD Video & Audio

Faultless quality in delivery a great attendee experience

Sell sponsorships

Offer strategic brand placement opportunities live on your event

Quick & Easy Setup

Get up, ready and live in just 15 seconds

No downloads or installation required

No annoying software to download, get started in your browser

Countdown timers for speed networking

Deliver real-life speed networking from just a few clicks

Polls, Q&A Voting

Engage attendees with interactive polls, votes and Q&A’s

Virtual business cards

View LinkedIn profiles and book meetings during conversations

Group Screen sharing

Up to 8 screen shares and built for interactive engagement and groups conversations

Paid or free events

Sell access to events with zero transaction fees or offer events for free

Easy, face-to-face interactions just like In Real Life

Casual conversations, networking, and all the in-between conversations

Real, authentic social interactions

Foster interactive collaborations, networking opportunities, and a great attendee experience from the comfort of your home

Speed Network your way across an event with a virtual business card

Engage and learn from attendees by extending your professional network with an in-built virtual business card and invite attendees to connect on Linkedin or book private meetings.

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Events that scale with you

Virtual Summits

Drive authentic connections amongst attendees

Speed Networking

Meet attendees 1-on-1, 2-on-1 or 5-on-1 just like real life but from the comfort of your own home or office

Virtual Office

An anytime, anywhere workspace connecting your workforce across the world


Get up and running in 15 seconds or less, no downloads or software required


Easy to set up tools to teach and get paid on the go


Build interactive engagement with polls and integrated voting during live sessions


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