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10 Extraordinary Hybrid Event Examples That Will Inspire You in 2022!

Hybrid Events
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January 25, 2024

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Hybrid events are skyrocketing in popularity. Don't miss out on the most exciting trend of 2021! From our data, we’re seeing many event organizers researching how to hold the best events today! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 10 extraordinary hybrid event examples that will inspire you…

1. Apple Special Events

hybrid event examples

 There’s no better company to take inspiration from - this is one of the best hybrid event examples you could find! Apple Special Events have been live-streamed to audiences across the globe pretty much since the beginning as the goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Apple Special Events showcase the latest products to Apple fans and technology enthusiasts so they can see them first-hand. So if you’re looking to launch new products or make an important announcement, this is the ideal way to maximize audience reach and appeal to the masses.  

2. Public Health Informatics Conference

hybrid event examples

 Perhaps surprisingly, the American federal government was behind one of the most successful examples of a hybrid event - The Public Health Informatics Conference back in 2012. This very well-organized fully branded virtual conference had around 900 people attend in person and just under 1,000 attend virtually.

The physical part of the event was handled and produced in a similar way to a TV show. Those speaking were on a green-screen and the whole event was photorealistic, so people attending virtually could see the hotel lobbies, go up and down the stairs, and felt like they were really there.

3. INBOUND by HubSpot

hybrid event examples

 One of the most entertaining hybrid event examples is HubSpot’s annual INBOUND which is recorded and the sessions shared virtually. This event is famed for its amazing entertainment which includes world-renowned stand-up comedians and excellent speakers. It’s well worth putting emphasis on the entertainment at your to stand out from the crowd!

4. Growth Marketing Conference

hybrid event examples

 It's easy to think that virtual event attendees can miss out in some way by not attending in person. However, this is one of the hybrid event examples that disprove that! Growth Marketing Conference event organizers offered a ‘Virtual Access Pass’ for their 2020 event. Those who attend virtual will receive extra content which includes access to over 200 webinars. One of the most ingenious hybrid event examples. An event that rewards virtual attendees and encourages them to attend from anywhere around the world.

5. Gainsight Pulse Everywhere

hybrid event examples

 This was one of the larger-scale hybrid event examples from last year! Gainsight’s Pulse Conference has been running annually since 2013. In 2020, Gainsight went hybrid! Free of charge! Speakers and key staff members attended in person, with thousands of attendees watching live online.

6. Self Publishing Show Live

hybrid event examples

 The Self Publishing Show Live is an event run for authors looking to self-publish their books. In the first year, around 1,000 people attended but there were lots of others who wanted to attend virtually. The organizers then decided to make the recorded sessions available online for just $25, with a money-back guarantee in case they weren’t satisfied - what a great idea!

7. Content Marketing Summit

hybrid event examples

 Another hybrid event example is the Content Marketing World’s summit! For the first time, hosted virtually last year in 2020. Speakers provided information via physical resources and those attending did so virtually from various devices over a shared platform. This example shows that it’s always key to consider the different devices that your attendees will be using and cater for them!

8. Riot Games League of Legends Tournaments

League of Legends

 This is one of the best examples of a large-scale hybrid event! In 2019, the final round of this tournament was hosted in front of 15,000 fans at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. Over 100 million people watched online with a peak of 44 million watching at the same time! This was a real test of connectivity and infrastructure but it shows what can be achieved. Also impressive is that Riot Games monetises its events through sponsorship from the likes of companies like Spotify, Bose and Cisco. 

9. Tomorrowland Around The World — The Digital Festival


 One of the most creative and unique hybrid event examples was the Belgian music festival Tomorrowland Around the World 2020. Performances from artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Katy Perry, and Steve Aoki as well as webinars attracted thousands of live fans from across the globe. The backdrop was a stunning 3D island and there were special effects such as laser shows, fireworks, sound effects, and much more!

10. TwitchCon

Twitch Con

 Every year, Twitch hosts its conference in San Diego which brings an audience of thousands from around the globe. Back in 2019, Twitch held its first hybrid event! Featuring performances from Madeon and Blink-182 for live and online audiences. Twitch also stayed true to its household events with panel sessions, meet-and-greet, and tournaments.

As an online streaming service for gamers and content producers, Twitch brought its live stream to an audience of live streamers. Twitch encourages attendees to spread the word, with a live stream available for attendees viewing from home. This was the perfect way to maximize the audience!

If you’re still unsure, why not take a look at our article which explains what a hybrid event is and the benefits of hosting one.
If you have any questions about Remo’s video conferencing software and how you can use it to create a hybrid event, check out our YouTube channel or sign up for a free trial. Also, why not have a guided tour.

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