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Virtual Football Party Ideas for The Big Game!

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January 30, 2024

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Whether you're looking for a way to watch the big game between friends, or just looking for some super bowl party ideas, you might be wondering how to do all that virtually. And with game day approaching, you need fun party ideas quickly!  

A boring Zoom call won't do it, no way. You want the real deal, a football themed party with football party food, party decorations, games, the whole deal. 

Here's how to do it! 

Choose your virtual platform

Remo's conversation mode

Let's have a football party! 

Of course, you can use Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype to just call your friends and casually discuss during or before the big game. But it really isn't that fun. You would usually choose your squares or make other friendly game wagers, nosh on some party food, get fired up with your friends as the refs make a bad call and much more, so a basic, boring Zoom call isn't super tempting.

However, if you choose a good platform, you can really entertain your guests the same way (even better) no matter where they are in the world! Close the gap with your fantasy football league or family members and friends who may be in your hometown while you are three states away! 

You need a platform that'll enable you to recreate that in-person atmosphere and really hype everyone's team spirit up! 

Wouldn't it be great to have a virtual platform already decorated like a football field, or with your favorite team colors? Where you can have tables to cheer or trash talk between friends just like in real life, to have fun and natural discussions? 

With Remo it's not only possible, it's already done! We created a floor plan specifically for the big game. Or if you prefer, you can create your very own DIY floor plan. Touchdown!

Get a free Remo plan for your party


Football game party ideas

Now that you chose the perfect platform for your needs, time to plan a DIY football party with everything you like! 


Food ideas to kick off the party

Recreate the tailgate atmosphere at home by sending everyone football party favor bags including football party supplies, hot wings, pretzels, appetizers, or any other football party food. 

They can make their own snack table with a themed football tablecloth, NFL napkins and other football party decorations. There are some amazing companies out there who's sole purpose is to make this part easier for you with food and beverages delivery across the USA or even worldwide, like Dineable, or Pizzatime.

If you really want to go all in, you can even send a football cake (or football cupcakes) to your friends.

Host a virtual toast as you raise your drinks together when your team ends a 95 yard drive with a touchdown or your defense takes it to the house with a pick 6. 

Now that's a virtual super bowl party they'll remember!


Virtual games and ideas for the big game

Of course the only game that really matters is going to be on TV, but why not do some fun football related games while we wait for it to start? 


Photo booth

Yes, you can add a photo booth on Remo so that you can take pictures of this unforgettable party! Send your attendees some costumes or stickers in advance, put on your favourite player's jersey and football make-up for really fun photos.


Football trivia

Ask questions about the football season, how long are the yard lines, the goal post, or any other football trivia question you can find. You could even have an amazon gift card for the sports know-it-all of the group!


Big game guessing game

Take bets on how the night will go; what's going to happen during the half-time show? Who will get the first touchdown or penalty flag? Which ad will be the best? Write them down on a whiteboard and go back after the game to see who's predictions were the best.

You can even create a table for the casual fan there more for the ads than the game. Take polls on which ad is the group’s favorite!


Football themed contest

Turn this NFL confrontation into a friendly competition. Who makes the best football themed centerpieces, cupcake toppers, football field table, best decoration ideas, or party table. Make the celebration into a competition and let everyone vote for their favorite. 


Football bingo 

Find some free printables or create your own football themed bingo game. It's super easy and always a crowd pleaser. 


 Let's get started!

virtual party
Try the presentation mode on Remo

There are a ton of other games you could do for your virtual party, sky's the limit! Just check out our online product tour, book a free demo with our team and let your imagination run free!

And why not get a monthly plan so that you can also use Remo for your next themed birthday party, baby shower, graduation celebration, or work event?

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