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Zoom Alternative For Video Conference

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January 30, 2024

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There are multiple options for your online meetings or virtual events other than Zoom. From amazing networking tools like Remo to more corporate video calls options like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype. It all depends on what your needs are. Is your business now hybrid or remote because of the coronavirus pandemic? Do you need a video conferencing service for your events or corporate meetups? Are you having Zoom fatigue after long hours of meetings and screen sharing? Don't you worry, there are great Zoom alternatives available.

Best Zoom alternative for collaboration: Remo

Remo is one of the best Zoom alternatives if you need a video conferencing tool with functionalities like virtual tables, easy networking, screen sharing, private and group messaging, and a beautiful interface.

What is Remo?

Remo is a virtual platform aimed to humanize virtual interactions. With Remo, everyone experiences real, natural interactions in a virtual workplace or event. Humanize your connections and drive collaboration by providing an immersive experience with eye-catching Floor Plans and real-life table setups.

You can transform your floor plan into your real-life workspace with custom meeting rooms, real-time messaging and way more. You can use Remo for presentations, as a collaboration tool, but also for video chat, networking, and a ton of different events such as fundraisers, trainings, happy hours, corporate retreats, and much more.

Remo has already successfully hosted 350M+ guests with 90% repeat customers and 95% attendee satisfaction rate.

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Remo compared to Zoom

Here are the major differences that makes Remo a great Zoom alternative:

1. Easy networking

You can have natural discussions and freely network in smaller groups. There are even features available to facilitate networking like speed networking, business cards and more.

2. No IT team required

Very easy for attendees and hosts to get started. No software installation required.

3. Good engagement from attendees

Feedback from every attendee is easy to get with features like Q&A, group chat, table chat, emojis and more. On top of that, the interface and smaller group discussions encourage people to interact more freely and comfortably.

4. Fun and customizable layout

People can not only interact with each other, but with your floor plans as well. They can move from table to table and interact with banners from your sponsors, whiteboards, videos, all in a custom environment that you created.

Who is Remo for?

Remo is for anyone who would like to create an interactive event. If you want your attendees to interact with each other, to network, have meaningful conversations and even brainstorm or learn together, then Remo is definitely for you.

Example of events perfect for Remo:

  • Summits, webinars and conferences
  • Networking events
  • Corporate retreats
  • Team working meetings and team building
  • Online classes, trainings and workshops
  • Large corporate events
  • Online happy hours
  • Fundraisers
  • Virtual expos and fairs

The features you're looking for:

– Video conferencing: You can present either simply with your webcam and microphone, add a screen sharing, or even present a video or live feed.  

– Chat app: A very easy-to-use messaging feature that includes group chat, private chat, and general chat.

– Whiteboards: Every table has a whiteboard that you can populate with custom information before the event such as file sharing, links, images, gifs, pro tips, or how to join meetings during the event. You can also use them as a collaborative tool during the event.

– Networking: You can discuss in groups as big or as small as you prefer with tables where you can have smaller video meetings. It's like breakout rooms, but better! Attendees can freely roam around and join the conversation they want just like in real-life.

Watch our product to see all the features in action.

Other video conferencing tools for the workspace

If Remo is not the solution you're looking for, here are some of the numerous video conferencing solutions available and what each is best for:

Microsoft Teams

One of the most popular amongst corporate businesses, Teams is great for video calls. If you use other Microsoft solutions like Outlook, Microsoft Teams it's a good solution for your video meetings.

Google Meet

If you already use the G Suite (Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, etc.) this is a great easy-to-use tool to schedule meetings, one-on-ones, and conference calls. There are also dial-in options and great security features.


Geared toward high numbers of participants, it's a great tool for larger video conference. You also get an option to pick between VoIP and toll-based voice options.

RingCentral Video

This video conferencing platform is great for larger remote teams and call recording.

Cisco Webex

Great for workplace conference calls. Cisco has mobile apps for both Android and Apple (iOS), it also integrates with Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce. Webex also offers premium plans with additional functionality including cloud storage, recording transcripts, dial-in and more.


Best suited to smaller businesses since their team collaboration functionalities are not particularly powerful for larger scale events or meetings.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a free open-source video conferencing software with end-to-end encryption for web & mobile (Windows, Web, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux) the free video conferencing app has a maximum capacity of 50 participants.

Meet Now

This new video conferencing software is very similar to Zoom, and free to use for a maximum of 50 people in one meeting.

Zoho meeting

A solution for your remote collaboration for the hybrid work.


Join.me is a web-based app for screen-sharing and online meetings. The app must be downloaded and installed on iPhone, Mac or PC, which can make it difficult to host meetings outside your organization.


Slack is more of a collaborative chat with groups and private messaging, channels and different plugins, however they also have a video calls feature.

Time to get started!

Book a Demo to Experience Remo Firsthand!

Now is the time to choose the best tool for you. If you want a complete platform that includes video conferencing, networking and a real-life vibe, you should definitely experience Remo in a free personalized demo, or watch our product tour.

Otherwise, we hope this guide was useful and that you'll find the perfect tool for your video conferencing needs!

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