10 Fundamental Hybrid Event Trends To Look Out For In 2021

hybrid event trends

New Year, New Event

Are you looking at stepping into the world of hybrid and virtual events in 2021? Look no further, here it is our Hybrid Event Trends of 2021.

Overnight in March 2020 our lives drastically changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual events are more important now than ever. Now that we have a vaccine hybrid events are an exciting alternative. Hybrid events give us the best of both worlds with a physical and virtual element.

Now almost a year later we’re in 2021. Every new year brings new ideas, resolutions, and changes. So, what are the hybrid trends to look out for in 2021?

1. Increasing Popularity

Were hybrid events a thing before Covid-10? Of course! But now hybrid event trends show that they are becoming more popular. There are many reasons for this:

  • Covid-19
  • Advancing technology
  • Familiarity with virtual events

Now that we’ve become used to virtual events people like them. They enjoy being able to log on to an event anywhere in the world.

2. Shorter Events

Emerging hybrid event trends show that events don’t last as long. According to a report by CEIR, a physical event that lasts 8 hours lasts on average 6 hours virtually. There are many reasons for this, moving people through an event generally takes time. It also takes time to wait for people to sit and pay attention to the speaker.

Shorter events mean that your staffing bills will be lower. This will lead to increased return on investment (ROI). It also means you can plan your event more accurately. It is more likely everything will run on time because people won’t be delayed due to traffic or timing.

3. New Motivation for Attendance

New motivation for attendance is one of the hybrid event trends we are seeing. Studies show that education is a new motivator for people to go to virtual events. People attend physical events mainly for buying and selling. With this new motivation in mind, we should have guest speakers who can educate our attendees.

4. Higher Return on Investment

Hybrid event trends show that they are more profitable. On one hand, virtual events are small (49% generate gross revenues of less than $250,000). They are also a fraction of the gross revenues of physical events. However, you can achieve the net profit because you are reducing costs. Hybrid events will generate even more revenue by targeting physical and virtual audiences.

5. Better environmental aspect

New hybrid event trends show there is a positive impact on the environment. The virtual world uses less energy, creates less waste and fewer vehicles travel to the event. All in all, the increase in virtual events will decrease the global energy use by 6%.

6. Exciting marketing opportunities

At virtual events, it can be difficult to get exciting marketing photos. One of the hybrid event trends we are seeing is increased marketing opportunities. The professional photos you take at the event will be better for promotion! The virtual conferencing platform has the option of live streaming part of the event. You can use fun clips of the event as a marketing strategy.

7. The more networking opportunities the better the event

Hybrid event trends are showing that the more networking at the event, the better. Depending on your virtual events platform you can have little or a lot of guests socializing. Make sure that you pick a virtual events platform with interactive features. Check out our article on how to increase audience engagement at your next hybrid event.

8. Cheaper ticket prices

One of the new hybrid event trends we have seen is cheaper events or even free events. 6 in 10 companies are charging for events. Ticket prices are, on average half the price of the physical ticket. Of course, cheaper tickets are always a good way to marker your online event. Free tickets can make your event more profitable. If you host a free event you will increase reach and this will attract big sponsorship.

9. Greater flexibility

In 2020 we saw many events were canceled due to the pandemic. Many hybrid event trends show that there is better flexibility. It is less likely that you will have to cancel your hybrid event as you have the virtual event to fall back on.

10. Less staff needed

One of the hybrid event trends that we have seen shows that you need less staff to host a virtual event. Although this depends on many factors, you will need less staff for virtual events. This will increase return on investment and increase revenue generated from the event.

Now that you know all the hybrid event trends what next?

You are ready to host your first virtual event. Don’t forget that the best networking experience is key to hosting the best hybrid event. Are you looking for the most interactive virtual events platform? Look no further, with the customizable floor plans Remo will bring your virtual event to life. 

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