5 Exciting Virtual Social Event Ideas to Host in 2022

May 31, 2021

We’re all bored and stuck at home during the pandemic. But if we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s adapting. We all love a good social event- how else can we tell the week apart from the weekend? And even though we need to limit our social contacts, should we have to limit our social lives? Of course not!  There are plenty of virtual social event ideas we can try from the comfort of our own homes. Even when everyone is vaccinated, trends show that virtual events will still be popular. There are many benefits of virtual events such as:

  • Saving time on the commute.
  • Easier to fit into your schedule.
  • You can talk to people living in multiple countries at the same time.
  • There is no need to book a venue in advance.

But if we want our virtual event to be exciting we need to get creative. We’re here to tell you about our top 5 virtual social event ideas to spice up your weekends!  

Ice Breakers

Your virtual event might be with new people or someone you haven't seen in a while. It’s is a good virtual social event idea to break the ice with some games. For example, ‘two truths and a lie’. This game is foolproof. Everybody writes down two things that are true about them and one thing that’s made up. Then, the others try to guess what is true and what is made up. This is a great virtual game for people who are trying to get to know each other- even for a romantic date.  You can add a drinking element to this game by taking a shot when you get something wrong. Sometimes it can be hard to think of an original idea for a lie. Take a look at these lie ideas to trick people- it can be a skill or made-up family members.

Paint and Prosecco

Everybody seems to have gotten in touch with their creative side during the lockdown. But of course, we all miss our friends so why not make it a group activity? Make a competition with your friends to see who has the best art skills for your next virtual social event idea. A few glasses of prosecco will get the creative juices flowing. You can vote at the end to see who’s picture was the favorite. And the best part is that you have a nice picture to hang on the wall as a memory of the event.  

Drink Tasting

Drinks are always a good idea for virtual socializing. Try to think of some tasty drinks you can send to your colleagues and friends. You could even pick a theme like cocktails or beer night. A nice idea is to pick a country and have some traditional food and drink from that place. Here are some drinks you could try out:

  • A fresh can of Bulmers from County Tipperary, Ireland. It would make a nice change to the popular Irish beer of choice, Guinness.
  • Some tequila from Mexico. Of course, you need to go easy on this one, or everyone will end up drunk quite quickly.
  • A glass of French wine. And if we’re having wine, of course, we’re going to need cheese!

A few drinks will get your colleagues and friends chatting. Drinks will also give people the confidence to play some of the fun game ideas we suggested.  

Open Mic Nights

You and your friends can host an open night mic for your next virtual social event or social hour. You can show off all of your skills like singing, stand-up comedy, or playing an instrument. It isn’t as intimidating to sing in front of a virtual audience as it is in front of a physical one. Who knows you might discover the next big thing in your group of friends!

Book Club

A lot of us have extra time on our hands now that working remotely has become so popular. What do we do with this extra time? All the things we always said we wanted to do, right? So why not take up a new hobby like reading. But sure, reading can be a little lonely. So let’s make it a virtual social event idea by organizing a book club. You and your friends can enjoy a glass of wine while you discuss your favorite characters. It will broaden your horizons and open your eyes to new ideas too. Check out some book club ideas for your first meeting.  

Now, how do I host my virtual event?

Now that you have read our top virtual social event ideas you are ready to host your event. The first thing you will need is the perfect virtual events platform.   Check out our 14-day free trial at Remo. Our virtual events platform will be perfect for your virtual social event with friends and colleagues.

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