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7 Clever Ways to Market and Promote Your Hybrid Event

Hybrid Events
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January 25, 2024

Table of Contents

What is a hybrid event?

Before we talk about hybrid event marketing, what is a hybrid event? It is an exciting new alternative to virtual or physical events. Hybrid events blend the physical and virtual world giving perfect balance. There are many benefits of hybrid events like increased reach and reduced costs, so they have a lot to offer. Although hybrid events have been here for a while, Covid-19 has made them very popular. So now more than ever, good hybrid event marketing is key. Let’s not forget some people have never attended hybrid events so you will need good marketing to draw them in. Now that you know what a hybrid event is, read on for 7 clever ways to market your event.

1. Share snippets on social media

Sharing snippets of old events is a great hybrid event marketing idea. Some of your potential guests will have never been at or even head of a hybrid event. If you show a snippet of you will lessen some of the fear of the unknown. As well as that a short snippet will tease people and leave them looking for more! This is also a cheap marketing technique as you just need to record your event as it is happening.

2. Event location

Selecting the perfect event location is a key aspect of your hybrid event marketing. Virtual attendees can tune in from anywhere across the globe so pick a location they will love. Why not use your location as a marketing strategy? You could post snippets as clues to the location and have people vote on social media. I couldn’t think of a more mysterious and exciting idea!

3. Celebrity or influencers

The power of influence is a perfect hybrid event marketing strategy. People are using social media more and more as they are at home due to the pandemic. Influencer marketing and celebrities have huge power over people! As your event will happen online it will be easier to find a celebrity to show their face. What factors are important when picking a person for your hybrid event marketing? Think to yourself:

  • How does this person represent my brand?
  • Are their views in line with our brand/ company?
  • Who will follow this celebrity influence?

4. Market your virtual events platform

Your event platform is key for your hybrid event marketing plan. Make sure you highlight cool features of your virtual events platform. For example, if your virtual events platform has a customizable floor plan, brag about it! Interactive features will help make the event more real. Why not create a marketing video of the virtual experience your guests will see?

5. Gift bags

Giving out gift bags is a great hybrid event marketing idea! Sponsored material will bring in more money and make people excited about your event. Branded merchandise will promote the event and act as free marketing. Make sure to factor in your teams’ time in preparing and distributing the goody bags. Top tip: send the goody at least one week before the event to create a buzz and leave time for any delivery errors.

6. Email Marketing

Another way of hybrid event marketing at a low cost is email marketing. If guests are signed up to get emails from you there is a high chance, they will attend the event. You could offer an early bird special or a discount for people signed up. Don’t forget to make your email attractive with a branded banner with bright colors. Don’t include anything else in the email, focus on the event so people don’t get side-tracked.

7. Consider co-branding

A good hybrid event marketing technique is to include others in your branding. Your brand tells people who you are and what you’re about. Sometimes it can be useful to include others in that. If you co-brand the event you can reach out to two audiences and get credibility for your event.

So, what now?

Hybrid event marketing can be difficult as it is new for a lot of people. Don’t be afraid to use our marketing ideas to make people aware of hybrid events. Now that you have our top 10 tips you are ready to go out there and host your first hybrid event. Are you ready to host your first virtual event? Why not check out our free trial at Remo or join us for a virtual tour- you have nothing to lose!

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