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7 Ideas to Make your Virtual Presentation Fun and Engaging

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January 30, 2024

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Why are engaging virtual presentation ideas important?

Virtual events have become more popular than ever. Often, looking at a computer screen can be more boring. But we’re here to show you some virtual presentation ideas that will excite your audience! Why is it so important to have an engaging presentation? Well, we’ve all sat bored off our heads on a zoom call so, of course, it’s more fun for a starter. But engaging presentations have some real benefits:

  • People will understand what you’re saying better
  • There will be more participation if the presentation is engaging
  • Online presentation skills are important with more virtual events

Our whole lives we have focused on in-person presentation skills. For example, using hand gestures and movements. Now that we’re thrown into virtual presentations we need to rethink new ideas to be engaging.

Our top 7 ideas to make your virtual presentation engaging:

  1. Turn Camera On

We’ve all heard the Monday morning blues of having ‘WiFi issues’ so you can’t turn your camera on. Even if you are paranoid about your uncombed hair it is always a better idea to turn your camera on.It is unnatural to hear speaking without seeing a face behind the voice. We lose out on the very basics of human connection like eye contact and facial expression. So, even if it sounds basic, the first step to an engaging virtual presentation is your camera.

  1. Use Whiteboard

In real life, you would have a whiteboard so using your virtual board is a good idea for your presentation. Some whiteboards are more user-friendly than others.For example, Remo uses Micro which is one of the best tools for an engaging presentation. The whiteboard function has different colors and sticky notes to present your information in a clear way. You can add text boxes to the screen to type text and change the size and color of the textboxes.

  1. Use visuals

Images are a good idea for your virtual presentation. You can find some interactive images online that will help you to explain your point. Everyone can see the image on their screen and use your pointer when referring to it.An image will help your audience to visualize what you’re talking about. People can screenshot the image too so they can refer to it later.

  1. Ask the audience

Nobody wants to hear the same voice constantly for a long meeting. Ask your listeners questions to change things up. Maybe you could have someone talk about a slide or two from your presentation. Polls are a great idea too when you’re asking a question in your virtual presentation.

  1. Engaging Slides

Plain black and white slides will really put your audience to sleep. A good idea for your virtual presentation is adding color and transition to your slides. Try using slide ideas on PowerPoint, they add a theme to the slides with one click. Prezi is also a great tool to design your slideshow.

  1. Take your time

With internet issues sometimes your voice can be delayed during your virtual presentation. Make sure to take pauses and speak slowly to get your message across. It can often take people longer to process what you’ve said online. We can’t see your hand gestures or movements so your audience is hanging on your every word.Pauses also encourage audience participation because it gives them a chance to think about what you said. This will encourage questions and comments for an even more fun presentation.

  1. Feedback

At the end of your virtual presentation, it is a good idea to ask for feedback from those watching. Find out what ideas worked so you can use them again in the future. Feedback will help you to improve your presentation skills and you might hear new ideas for the future too.

Time to Present!

Now that you know our top 7 engaging presentation ideas you’re ready! Start planning your first virtual event. Make a plan of action to be more engaging with our ideas.

Of course, you can’t make an engaging presentation without the right virtual events platform. Remo has engaging features that will help you to present like a professional! Check out our product tour or FAQs for more info.

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