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7 Virtual Training Activities that will Excite your Employees

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January 30, 2024

Table of Contents

Why do we need virtual training activities?

Many people have completely changed their daily working lives since the pandemic. We were used to going into an office physically every day to see our friends and colleagues face to face. Now it looks like a remote or hybrid working day is the future, which brings a lot of benefits. We like working from home as it provides a lot of flexibility and we save time commuting to the office. But something is missing, right?

Of course, we all miss that human contact. Like grabbing coffee with the team or laughing at your mangers joke. But can we have those moments on a screen? Well, that all depends on who’s running the event, and what type of events. Some people think that all the fun is left at the office but that’s not true. You can have a joke and a laugh with your team with the right virtual learning platform. And where better to start than at your next virtual training?

What is a virtual training?

virtual training activities remo

Virtual training, also known as Elearning, online learning, online training, or virtual employee training is a virtual meeting where you give training material such as training programs, webinars or collaborative learning to your employees in real-time. It’s also a good opportunity for learners meet in a virtual classroom where they can do teamwork, games, and improve employee retention.

When you have a virtual team, it can be harder to bring a fun aspect to these online sessions, of course the learning objectives are first and foremost, but some training games can go a long way.

So, let’s see how we can spice up your team’s training with our exciting virtual training ideas.

Our Top 8 Virtual Training Activities:

1- Icebreakers

The success of your virtual training depends on how much your team interacts. As the training is happening online, your team could be learning with people they’ve never met before. Try to make everyone comfortable with each other with some ice-breaking activities. Here are some fun icebreakers:

  • Two truths and a lie: say two true things and one lie. Your colleagues then try to guess what is true and what is not.
  • Never have I ever: Say something you have never done and whoever has done it must raise their hand.
  • Fun fact: everyone says a fun fact about them.

2- Interactive Workshops

virtual training activities remo

Have activities like workshops during the virtual meeting where you break into smaller groups and work on a project. It’s always a good idea to use whiteboards or annotation tools to improve the learning experience so that people can all collaborate on the same page.

3- The ‘I am listening’ sign

Ask everyone on your team to get a piece of paper and write ‘I am listening’ on it. Pick someone as the designated person to keep the team awake. The elected person raises the sign during your virtual training. Once they raise their sign everyone else on the training must raise it too. The last person in the meeting to raise their sign is ‘the loser’.

This activity is a good way to keep your colleagues attention on the screen during the virtual training. Not only does it keep you awake, but it also provides a laugh too! It’s perfect if your training’s virtual setting is on zoom, as it can become tiring to listen to the virtual trainer for too long on these platforms.

4- Have in between activities

Studies have shown that your attention span is greatly reduced when working online. It is important to break up your virtual training with some activities. Breaking the training up into smaller sections will keep your team interaction high during the session. The virtual instructor can ask some takeaway from the audience between each modules or key points for example, or you can stop for:

  • Breakout room discussions
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Research time
  • Reading

5- Summarize it

At different intervals of the training select a person to summarize what the training was about. Of course, we don’t want to put anybody on the spot so before your begin, let the person know that they will be presenting a summary at the end, and choose someone who’s up for it, and has good communication skills.

This virtual training activity will break up the team from listening to the same voice for a long time. The person summarizing will have to pay a lot of attention too, which is good for learning. It’s a good idea to summarize things in a couple of words, that way the team isn’t listening to the same information over and over again. Give out a prize for the best summary to make the team a little competitive!

6- Brainstorming

Everyone at the training will be from different backgrounds and have different skills. It is a good activity to do brainstorming before you start the virtual training so you know what knowledge the team already has. Here are some tools you can use to brainstorm:

  • Powerpoint: You could type the ideas on PowerPoint while you share your screen. Afterwords email the PowerPoint to the team so you can share the ideas.
  • Miro: Miro is a virtual whiteboard, you can use it to type or draw. You can also upload diagrams and draw on them too. You can share the whiteboard with your team via email after the training.
  • Google docs: Use a public shared google doc and type ideas on it.
  • Shuffle people into different breakout rooms or tables on Remo to brainstorm and share their ideas with everyone afterwards in the general chat.
virtual training activities
Remo tables

Remember that brainstorming works best as a visual aid so try to use more images and less text.

7- Fast finish

When you’re doing an activity during the virtual training, the virtual trainers usually set a certain amount of time. Sometimes the trainer can time things wrong and people have too little or too much time to complete the task. If your timing is wrong your team will be less engaged in the activity as it will be too easy or hard. It is a better idea to ask your team to send in an emoji or a word to the chat when they have finished, that way they can set their own time. You can try to make it competitive by making it a ‘fast finisher’ game too.

8- Collect feedback

There’s no way to know how you’re team is doing if you don’t ask them. Your virtual training is the perfect opportunity to collect some feedback. You could do a virtual survey or a focus group activity to hear how they are doing. Working remotely may be new for many of your colleagues so feedback is more important now than ever. If you take the time to ask your colleagues how they are doing they will really appreciate it. It will make them feel valued and build a team with positive morale. It will also help you to organize your workers in the most effective way possible.

What do I need for my virtual training?

virtual training activities

Now that you know our top 8 virtual training activities you can go ahead and organize your own virtual training session. If you’d like to use these training activity ideas, you’ll need an interactive virtual event platform.

Remo is a super engaging virtual events platform. We have features like breakout rooms and customizable floor plans that will make your virtual training exciting! But take a look for yourself with our online product tour.

virtual training activity
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