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8 Tips to Help Improve your Ability to Present Remotely

Virtual Presentations
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January 30, 2024

Table of Contents

Presenting remotely has become the new normal. Perfecting this skill can be quite tricky, especially for people new to the world of video conferencing platforms. Not to worry, once you get into the swing of things, you will see just how easy it is to present remotely. Some of the best ways to present remotely include;

  • Take notes of points you want to cover
  • Make copies of items to be discussed in the meeting
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation
  • Implement a Q&A
  • Have fun with it
  • Speak clearly

So let me take you through our best tips to present remotely effectively!

1. Take notes of points you want to cover

When first organizing a presentation, whether it's for a virtual event or virtual conference meeting, make sure to take notes of all the points you wish to cover. Taking notes about what you want to discuss is a brilliant way of relieving stress and nerves before a presentation.

  • Make clear and easy to read notes
  • Make them a short as possible to avoid confusion
  • Print notes on a sheet or have them ready on your laptop

2. Make copies of items to be discussed in the meeting

The best way to keep people informed on what the presentation is about is to give out the attendees' notes about the meeting. These notes should cover all the points that are to be discussed in detail but easy to read. Make the notes on a Google Doc file so you can easily send them to all attendees

3. Make sure you are in a quiet room.

When you present remotely, the last thing you want is household distractions coming at you from all directions. Ensure you have a quiet place to present, whether at a desk in your bedroom or maybe a home office or even in the garage. Pick the best place for you to hold your remote presentation!

4. Make a PowerPoint presentation.

Worries you're going to lose the interest of your attendees while you are presenting? Add a PowerPoint presentation to jazz up your meeting to help you present remotely. Powerpoints are a terrific way of having all your key discussion points on the board as you go through them in further detail. Jazz up the PowerPoint by adding a theme or colors to keep interest in the topics discussed. Why not try Google Slides?

5. Implement a Q&A

Another way of relieving some stress on your part is to focus on your guests. Implement a question and answer section to let them ask anything they might be confused about. This can give you ideas about what to discuss next and keep your attendees involved as they will feel like they should ask something.

6. Have fun with it

There's no point in having a remote presentation if you can't have some fun with it. Online meetings can be more tedious for some people, especially with household distractions in the background. Don't lose their focus due to a boring remote presentation. Keep them involved by having some fun and cracking some jokes!

7. Speak clearly

Speaking clearly and concisely, especially on a virtual call, is vital in presenting effectively. Don't rush and get your points across as best you can. Take a breath to steady yourself if you feel as if you are speaking too fast. The last thing you want is to lose your audience due to a poorly executed remote presentation.

8. Practice your presentation

Practicing your presentation before you have to present is an excellent way of relieving your stress and anxiety and making sure you are less likely to mess up. Just open your laptop and open your webcam or record yourself presenting on your phone. Make sure to speak calmly and clearly. And there you have it, our best tips to present remotely. Remember to keep calm and make sure you know exactly what you are talking about before you begin your presentation. Practice makes perfect! If you would like to read more about virtual events, check out our blog post 8 Tips For Engaging Audience with a Virtual Events Community.

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