Attending a Virtual Career Fair? Here are 7 Ways to Prepare Beforehand

January 6, 2021

The recent move from traditional events to virtual events has taken the world by storm. The same goes for how recruiting has changed. The days of traditional virtual career fairs are over. Yet, a stellar virtual career fair can still connect employees and employers. Preparing for a virtual career fair is more crucial now than ever.

With virtual events replacing traditional events, recruiters must keep up with the times. Also, a Gartner survey shows that 86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews for recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on that, graduates and job seekers should make the most of virtual career fair.

Preparing for a virtual career fair

The lockdown forced companies to move most of their work processes online. This includes almost all recruitment processes. To say the least, this isn’t bad news on our watch! There are many ways to get you ready for preparing for a virtual career fair. Virtual events have many advantages, especially virtual career fairs. Read our article if you’re in two minds about whether you’d enjoy attending a virtual career fair. Standing out from the crowd at a virtual fair takes.

1. Update your resume

Out with the old and in with the new! Before you register for a virtual career fair, you need to update your resume. Pro tip – tailor your resume to match the roles and companies you have your eye on. HubSpot has lots of eye-catching resume templates to suit your skillset. If you want to secure some interviews, this is a crucial step in preparing for a virtual career fair.

2. Research suitable companies

There are going to be a lot of different companies exhibiting at your virtual career fair. Use online newspapers, business journals, LinkedIn, and social media to source information. Be careful to select companies that align with your values and culture. Once you’ve identified what companies stand out to you, organising your day is going to be much easier. Of course, conducting research is central to preparing for a virtual career fair.

3. Plan your day at the virtual career fair

Organization is key to making the most out of any virtual career fair. Firstly, pencil in the events and workshops at the virtual career fair that interest you. Thereafter, identify free slots and meet with individual recruiters or for networking. Planning is a key aspect of any careers event, especially a virtual one. Don’t skip this fundamental step in preparing for a virtual career fair.

4. Prepare a personal summary

‘Tell me about yourself in 30 seconds’ is one of the most popular questions that a recruiter will ask you. Of course, this is even more important for virtual meetings. Employers are going to meet a lot of candidates; you need to stand out from the crowd with a unique elevator pitch.

5. Register for the virtual career fair ahead of time

The early bird catches the worm! One key step in preparing for a virtual career fair is registering beforehand. There are many benefits to registering early. Not only will this prevent any last-minute glitches before the virtual career fair. Also, it allows you to create a standout profile that will catch potential employers eyes.

6. Test your technology

Needless to say, test your internet and video connection well in advance. There’s nothing worse than a lag in the video or a bad connection during a meeting. Technology troubleshooting is key in preparing for a virtual career fair. To make sure you’re extra safe, why not video call a friend to check if your background and lighting is suitable.

7. Reach out to recruiters

Now you have done your research and have narrowed down what companies interest you. What’s next in preparing for a virtual career fair you may ask? It’s time to shoot a message to recruiters on LinkedIn. Moreover, include something unique about you and what attracts you to that company. As we enter a new era in talent acquisition, one thing is clear. Job seekers want to work for employers that care about them. So, that’s our complete guide on preparing for a virtual career fair. Stand out from other businesses by exhibiting at a virtual career fair. Holding a virtual career fair? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to host a virtual career fair. A memorable virtual career fair attracts great talent and creates unique networking opportunities. Find out how Remo can make your virtual career fair a hit through a guided tour or check out a free plan.

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