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Audience View: 5 Events where this Feature will Shine!

Virtual Events
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January 30, 2024

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Remo has introduced Audience View, so you no longer have to feel like you are presenting into the void! Remo's Audience View allows your audience to use virtual live reactions while you present to see more engagement! See your audience react to presentations in real-time with emojis (we like to call them Remojis!) Now presenters can play to the audience and the audience members can be part of the excitement as they react and see how everyone else feels about what’s being presented!


Virtual concerts are a fantastic way to try out Remo's virtual live reactions. Have your audience listen to some great music and watch them react live to the performance on the screen. Remo’s audience mode also lets your audience to comment on what is going on during the concert! Your audience can react in a number of ways through emojis and comment their requests for songs they’d like to hear! Virtual concerts are significant events for all music lovers, but it isn't easy to see the audience's reactions on most video conferencing platforms. Remo's virtual live reactions allow your audience to applaud during a performance and comment on what they are seeing. It is one of the closest ways to reach a physical audience in a virtual world.


  • Greater audience engagement
  • It makes the audience feel more involved in the concert rather than just sitting and watching performances
  • A more fun musical event

Why not give Remo's virtual live reactions a try in your next virtual concert event. You will be surprised as to how great it works!

Comedy Shows

Physical comedy shows are one of the greatest events you can go to. Who doesn't like a good laugh and hearing the rest of the audience laughing and enjoying some light-hearted humor. Comedy shows have previously lost their appeal in the virtual environment as audiences never got the same appeal without seeing their reactions. Remo's virtual live reactions aim to combat that! You can use a varied number of reactions during a comedy show that can express your emotions as you listen to the act. It is a terrific way of integrating the audience into the performance!


  • More fun and better engagement
  • Get to see audience reactions to jokes


Presentations are a vital part of any event. But presentations need to gauge from the audience whether or not what they are saying is engaging. Virtual live reactions and audience mode help engage your audiences further into your presentation. Audience mode lets your audience members comment on what is being said; they can also ask questions and use the live virtual reactions to applause or react in any way they see fit! Try out audience mode in your next virtual event. It is a great feature that helps you feel like you are presenting to a live audience and keeps your audience further engaged with what you are saying.


  • Live comments allow your audience to ask questions without interference from speaking out loud
  • Great engagement for you and your audience
  • Live reactions enable your audience to applaud before, during, or after your presentation!

Virtual Auction

Virtual live reactions can also be used in an excellent way for virtual auctions. Audience mode allows your audience to bid in the comment section or react to the items up for sale. Audience mode makes virtual auctions seem more like physical auctions and greatly benefit you and your team. It engages the audience better by having what they say or react pop up while the auctioneer is presenting.


  • More engaging for the bidders
  • It makes the virtual environment feel more like a live physical event

Why not try out audience mode at your next virtual auction!

Virtual Painting Class

A virtual painting class is a great way to utilize virtual live reactions. Audience mode lets your audience comment is a great way to see what your class is saying about what you are painting. They can tell us the varied reactions to express admiration and applause for what you are painting. The comment section allows them to ask questions about what is being painted if you don't understand what you are supposed to be doing or any other questions!


  • More engagement
  • It can be used for any class not just painting
  • It Keeps the focus of the audience during classes.


And that's it, Audience View is now available to all Remo users! So why not try out Remo's virtual live reactions and audience mode during your next virtual event! For details on how to use Audience Mode, check out our how to guide here.

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