How to Effectively Connect with your Customers Virtually in 2022!

May 27, 2021

Connecting with customers virtually is vital for any company to survive, especially during the last year. As a company, it is so important not just to bring in new customers but also to hold onto them.  

Why is connecting with customers virtually important?

Connecting with your customers builds a relationship between you and those who are spending money on your organization. If you do not connect with your customers, you will soon find that the amount of income your organization receives will drop dramatically. Connecting with your customers and building relationships is the most vital aspect of engaging with your key market demographic.

Offer Exclusive Content

 Your customers will remain loyal and stick with your business if they tend to get something in return. This can be anything from a retailer offering a 15 percent discount on your customer’s birthday or just offering content that only retaining customers can receive such as exclusive videos and leaflets sent to their emails or even virtual events that only loyal customers can attend!

Ask for feedback

It’s all well and good to market a product to a certain target audience or people but the best way to retain customers is to make them feel as though they are involved in the organization. To do this you must ask them for their feedback on what you as a company are offering and what you can do better. This lets your customers feel more involved. Don’t forget to implement the ideas they give you that you feel will work for your company.  

Host virtual events

Virtual events are one of the greatest ways you can connect with your customers virtually. Connecting with customers virtually can be extremely hard unless you are willing to hold the odd virtual event. This does not have to be anything extravagant. Show them your ideas and give presentations about your plans for the organization and use these virtual events to ask them for their feedback on the organization.

Use video/show face

If you are looking for ways to connect with customers virtually,  show them a face they can connect with. This doesn’t have to be the face of the company but it helps if your customers can see a familiar face every time they are dealing with you. Have a member of staff who is warm and easy to talk to as the person who gives presentations and deals a lot with your customers. This will set out a great example for your company and will connect your company with your customers in a great way.

Use social media

Social media is the greatest tool ever invented for organizations. At the click of a few buttons, you can have access to all of your retaining and new customers. Social media is also a terrific way to connect with customers virtually. This lets you answer questions they ask in a quick fashion. It lets you post updates about your organization in a fast manner. It also opens up direct messaging between you and your customers on an individual basis so you can answer any of their queries and gain feedback from them. The best form of social media to connect with customers virtually is LinkedIn!


To connect with customers virtually, you need to have the best mindset possible. You can’t connect with customers virtually or physically if all you want out of it is income. You need to take their needs into account also.   Going through ideas such as utilizing social media for quick access to your customers and hosting virtual events is a great way to show your customers that you care about them and what they think.  For more stories about customer engagement, check out our article How To Increase Audience Engagement At Your Upcoming Hybrid Event

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