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February 1, 2024

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Inspiring breakouts with visually stunning environments can enhance outcomes and engagement.

Most virtual meetings and events utilize breakout rooms to facilitate discussion and small group conversation. But after almost two years of virtual meetings, breakout frustration and anxiety continue to hinder productive and engaging conversations.

For this reason, many hosts are looking for unique ways to make their online breakout sessions less impersonal and more exciting.

And you can now achieve this and more with the Remo app for Zoom!

Whether a global webinar or an online workshop, Remo can help you boost engagement during breakout room conversations through its dynamic and human-focused small-group discussions.

With open breakout rooms, each participant has their own seat at the table and the ability to move around the room freely. 

Participants can skip the awkwardness of randomly assigned groups by visually observing all the different conversations happening around them and easily joining one that interests them. 

It’s like walking around an actual meeting room or ballroom with just a simple double-click on a table.

With Remo, Zoom users can enhance their participants’ experience through easy-to-use features like:

  • Free breakout room movement in a visually-dynamic environment
  • Customizable spaces that match your brand’s and meeting’s needs
  • Creating excitement and interest in every meeting with easy-to-swap designs
“We are excited for our shared customers to be able to extend the value of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. by supercharging online breakout sessions and networking through the visually immersive interactions that Remo provides. This Remo app for Zoom is an extension of our shared commitment to humanizing virtual interactions and fostering authentic collaboration.”

– Hoyin Cheung, Founder & CEO, Remo

“We are excited to add Remo to the Zoom App Marketplace. The addition of Remo showcases how we continue to be dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that help deliver virtual interactions and foster authentic collaboration through Zoom.”

– Ross Mayfield, Group Product Manager, Zoom Apps at Zoom

What To Expect from the Remo App For Zoom

  • You can create your Remo event on live.remo.co (make sure you select ‘Remo Zoom Event’!) and then copy & paste your Zoom Meeting ID to connect the two
  • Ensure that all your meeting participants have downloaded the Remo app from the Zoom App Marketplace so you can open your breakout rooms and have them instantly jump into tables
  • A Remo event will be incomplete without unique & stunning floor plans – you can choose the perfect floor plan for all your different meetings to match the tone and your branding

To get started with supercharging your breakout session, sign up for a 14-day free trial or log into your existing Remo account!


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