Top 8 Best Ways Job Seekers Can Stand Out at a Virtual Career Fair

November 23, 2020

A virtual career fair is an online conference where employers exhibit from virtual booths. Virtual career fairs are a convenient platform to meet recruiters and discover employment opportunities. You’ve registered for a virtual career fair and set up some meetings, what’s next you may ask? We’ve identified eight tips to make a lasting impression on employers and leave them remembering your name.

1. Do your research

As the saying goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Virtual fairs are a two-way information point; you need to ask questions to receive the right information. Recruiters will be looking for job seekers that have done their research in advance. Research the companies that stand out to you and some potential roles that align with your career goals. Stand out at the virtual career fair by mentioning a new product or service that the company released lately. Job seekers take note - this will impress employers with your relevant knowledge.


2. Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is your professional virtual stage – it provides employers with a comprehensive overview of what skills and experience you can offer. Keeping your LinkedIn updated is an essential step in preparing for a virtual career fair. Prepare your profile with a professional picture, dynamic summary, detailed work experience, relevant skills and volunteer experience. A wide-ranging profile will leave recruiters dazzled.

3. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn

Once you have identified the employers that caught your eye, do a search for the recruiters before the virtual career fair. Connect with those recruiters on LinkedIn or send them an email with a message. Keep it short and straightforward, for example,

‘Hey [recruiters name].

I’m connecting because I saw that you’re going to be at [virtual career fairs name]. I’m very excited to e-meet you and discuss potential career opportunities at [employers name]. Have a great day!

Kind regards, [your name].

4. Prepare an elevator pitch

‘Describe yourself in 30 seconds’ is probably one of the most asked yet widely unprepared question. Preparing a unique, concise elevator pitch is key to networking at a virtual career fair. Employers want to get an overall impression of your professional character at these fairs in the least amount of time. Lastly, practice makes perfect. Repeat until you’re confident in yourself.

5. Prepare your space

The first thing that recruiters will see is your face and your surroundings. Make sure you are in a well-lit, organised space. Prepare everything you need, including water, a pen and a notebook. Recruiters do not want to see your One Direction poster or a messy pile of clothes behind you.


6. Dress to impress

Don’t make a rookie mistake and wear a hoody to the virtual careers fair. Dress professionally – the same way you would at a live conference. Dressing appropriately tells recruiters that you are serious but also puts you in the right midframe for a professional setting. Don’t chance wearing pyjamas on the bottom – you never know when you might need to stand up during a meeting.

7. Leave a lasting impression

After your meeting, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the company – it shows how much research you’ve done and. You can also ask about the next steps in the recruitment process and send them a PDF of your CV. Don’t be shy – this could be the dealbreaker for your future career.

8. Follow up with a thank you message

Soon after the virtual career fair, send a personalised thank you message to new connections, whether you’re interested in the employer or not. Who knows – you could cross paths with that recruiter in the future. The key to business is networking, and even if you don’t like the sound of one company, it doesn’t mean that you won’t work together in the future.Want to know if your virtual career fair was a hit? Check out our article on how to measure the success of your virtual event.A stellar virtual career fair can attract the best talent and provide the best networking opportunities. Find out how Remo can make your virtual career fair a hit through a guided tour or check out a free trial.

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