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Uncover 15 of The Best Online Business Networking Groups

Virtual Networking
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January 19, 2024

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Uncover 15 of The Best Online Business Networking Groups

Networking can be a game changer for your career which is why it’s so important for you to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Now that online networking is more widely accepted, it’s become easier than ever to attend a networking event from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of making up excuses as to why you couldn’t attend an event in person. Online networking has broken down the barriers that once existed and made networking widely accessible to anyone that is eager to network and cultivate lasting relationships.

What is online business networking?

Online networking leverages the same principles of traditional networking however online business networking leverages digital tools and online mediums to network as opposed to meeting face-to-face. The primary purpose of business networking is to provide others with information pertaining to your business in an attempt to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with other business professionals or potential clients.  

Business networking becomes most effective when strong, long-term relationships are built through trust and mutual respect. For startups, small businesses at any stage, or business professionals that are in a bind or eager to level up, business networking can provide a lifeline of support, solutions to problems or roadblocks, or new opportunities that lead to exciting business endeavors.

  1. StartUp Nation

StartUp Nation is a website and hub designed for entrepreneurs that are eager to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. StartUp Nation is an excellent online business networking group or community for entrepreneurs or small business owners of kinds including those that are just starting out, pivoting, or seeking advice. Resources found on StartUp Nation include how-to articles, funding opportunities, side-hustle inspiration, and trends in business and entrepreneurship. Similar to Quora, StartUp Nation hosts a forum directly on their website where community members are encouraged to have discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs, seek advice from industry experts, and interact with users on topics relating to entrepreneurship, startups, small business, and more.

  1. TheFunded

Designed for entrepreneurs or business-minded-folk that are seeking funding opportunities, TheFunded is an excellent resource for anyone that is looking to raise money. This online community houses more than 20,000 CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs that are eager to discuss all things funding and strategy, making it the perfect online business networking group for anyone that is looking to navigate the ins and outs of funding a business. Presently, TheFunded is undergoing site maintenance however the community is set to return bigger and better than ever in the near future!

  1. Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Branded as the only peer-to-peer networking group for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is an online business networking group that houses over 16,500 diverse leaders in over 60 countries. This networking group aims to empower leaders, builders, founders, and changemakers through collaborative learning, shared experiences, and unmatched personal and professional connections.

If you’re eager to unlock inspiration and learn from some of the world’s most admirable leaders, the Entrepreneurs’ organization will provide you with access to fellow entrepreneurs who will help you redefine and realize your goals in both life and business so you can grow beyond your perceived limits.

  1. Zerply

One of the most admirable elements of virtual networking is being able to find your niche. No matter what you’re searching for, there is an online community that is eager to welcome you with open arms. Zerply is a niche online business networking group designed for creative talent that aims to bring the best animators, compositors, FX artists, modelers, lighters, and other CG and VFX professionals together to make magic. Whether you’re searching for talent or eager to find the employer of your dreams, Zerply connects artists and employers to form unmatched industry connections.

  1. Opportunity

Opportunity is a matchmaking forum that leverages a cutting edge AI algorithm to streamline networking opportunities between business-minded professionals. Marketed as a networking community for jobseekers and business professionals, Opportunity is for everyone. To leverage this online business networking group, simply set up a profile and get to work on building your network and business relationships! With opportunity, you can stay connected to people and industries that can help you reach your long-term goals.

  1. Women Business Collaborative

It’s no secret that women in business face additional hurdles and roadblocks when compared to their male counterparts. The Women Business Collaborative aims to build a collective that works together to create equal opportunity in position, pay, and power. Marketed as an alliance and a movement, The Women Business Collaborative consists of millions of diverse, professional women and men, business organizations, public and private companies, and media that work as a unified front to accelerate positive change.

  1. Chief

Chief is an additional online virtual networking group that is focused on supporting women in business with an exclusive membership network that is dedicated to supporting women that hold executive leadership roles. As the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders, Chief offers peer support in the form of community groups, member meetups, master classes, and exclusive lessons and insights from business leaders and cultural icons. As a member of this exclusive online virtual networking group, you unlock the ability to connect with a powerful roster of senior executives from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations.

  1. Minority Business Development

The Minority Business Development Agency or MBDA aims to empower entrepreneurs in marginalized groups through programs, services, and initiatives aimed at helping minority business entrepreneurs grow and prepare for the future of business. As the only group of its kind dedicated to the growth and competitiveness of minority businesses, this online business networking group is ideal if you’re a minority facing challenges in the business landscape.

  1. Bumble Bizz

Did you know that Bumble isn’t just for dating? While you may have met your sweetheart on the popular dating app, you may not have realized that there is a derivative of the app that is built solely for networking opportunities called Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz is the perfect online business networking group for professionals that are looking for a fun way to connect and network! Built with useability and ease in mind, Bumble Bizz is designed to empower users to make life-changing connections at their own pace, on their own terms so you can accelerate your career with a few simple swipes from the comfort of your own home.

  1. ONLE

ONLE is the ultimate online virtual networking group for people that love connecting with people on a more intimate level. ONLE takes a simple approach to streamlining connections by eliminating barriers that get in the way of building relationships and trusting people to do what they do best. Marketed as an online network with inclusive networking and unlimited reach, ONLE aims to support members with new connections, friendships, and countless business opportunities. In addition to business, ONLE is built for people that are looking for support, friendship, and collaboration.

To streamline connections, ONLE hosts group conversations that encourage members to listen and learn. Each meeting provides guests with opportunities to have impromptu conversations with someone else in the group so you can be sure to get the most out of this online virtual networking group.

  1. Business Networking International

While Business Networking International may not be a traditional online business networking group, the premise remains the same. BNI is the world’s largest referral networking organization that helps members create long-term, meaningful relationships. Unlike other groups, BNI does not strictly operate online. While BNI Online does offer online networking opportunities, users can also meet in-person by joining their local chapter to kick-start their network of referrals. With numbers in over 76 countries, BNI is the largest and most successful business networking organization.

  1. Global Entrepreneurship Network

Starting a business from scratch can be difficult which is why the Global Entrepreneurship Network was created. Operating in 180 different countries from around the world, the Global Entrepreneurship network aims to help anyone, anywhere start a business. GEN works by creating a healthy business ecosystem by fostering meaningful relationships between investors, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs.

GEN’s extensive footprint of national operations and global verticals in policy, research and programs ensures members have unmatched access to the most relevant knowledge, networks, communities and programs, helping to celebrate, understand, support, and connect entrepreneurs as well as those within their circle.

  1. Score

Are you looking for a mentor to help you take your business to new heights? Score is an online virtual networking tool that connects budding entrepreneurs with experienced business-minded professionals to help cultivate relationships that lead to growth and long-term success. SCORE mentors know what it’s like to be a small business owner meaning their community of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives are eager to help members start and grow their business. In addition to mentoring, SCORE offers webinars and courses on demand, as well as a library of online resources.

  1. Vistage

Vistage is an online business networking group designed to connect the most successful CEOs from small to mid-size businesses to collaborate, share expertise, and build lifelong connections that lead to excellence. This online business networking event was designed to encourage members to challenge one another to think critically and level up in their careers. Marketed as the world’s most trusted CEO coaching and peer advisory organization, Vistage works by building out advisory groups of 12-16 CEOs or local business owners from different markets that come together to support one another by looking for blind spots, vetting ideas, and troubleshooting problems.

  1. The Rebellious Business Network

The Rebellious Business Network is an online business networking event for entrepreneurs with a wild side. Marketed as a group for rebellious business owners and entrepreneurs that are eager to level up in their career, The Rebellious business Network, provides members with noteworthy training sessions, the latest strategies, and tips, tricks, and best practices for helping your business thrive online. In addition, The Rebellious Business Network gathers every week to host impressive industry experts and keynote speakers that share valuable insights and advice that aim to help members garner more exposure for their businesses online.

Choose the Perfect Virtual Networking Tool for your Next Networking Event

Remo is an immersive virtual event and meeting platform that empowers event hosts or facilitators to recreate natural interactions in any type of gatherings, from global networking events to virtual meetings between colleagues. Where other telecommunication tools make it possible for you to host virtual networking events, Remo empowers you to take your event to new heights by creating customized virtual environments and unlocking access to intuitive one-of-a-kind tools. For the first time ever, you can create a captivating virtual environment specifically for your virtual networking event and keep your audience engaged with exclusive features. Simply create your own custom environment or have an expert do it for you.

With Remo, you can:

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