Virtual Recruitment Ideas for Prospective Employees

September 10, 2021

Is virtual recruitment the future?

Before we talk about virtual recruitment ideas, let’ stalk about virtual recruitment in general. Since the start of the pandemic, we are seeing more and more employees moving their recruitment process online. After all, virtual recruitment has many benefits:

  • You can increase diversity in your workforce by reaching out to anyone globally.
  • Virtual recruitment cuts down on transport time for recruiters to travel to interviews.
  • Virtual recruitment is often quicker, thus finding the perfect employee for the job faster.

Now that we understand the benefits of online recruitment we need to come up with some ideas. If we want to keep up with competitors we need to ensure our recruitment process is efficient. Not only do we need an efficient system, but also some virtual recruitment ideas to engage potential employees.

Virtual networking mixer

A virtual networking mixer is a good recruitment idea to get to know your candidates in a casual way. Start with some ice-breaking activities so your candidates feel at ease with each other. A light-hearted game will break the ice and get everyone thinking. Make sure you use breakout rooms for these games so everyone can get the chance to chat in small groups.

Use voice notes

Voicenotes are becoming more and more popular these days. With our busy lifestyles people love to multi-task and the fact that you can listen while you finish your coffee or make your bed appeals to us. This is a great idea of how to recruit potential employees virtually.

Many of the technical issues we experience during video calls is not an issue when listening to voice notes. The audio is clearer because less internet is required without the camera. You can also easily relisten to the voice note if you miss out on something which results in a clear virtual connection.

Voicenotes are also more personal than written information because you can hear the tone and expressions. According to the evening herald, voice notes will help millennials maintain their relationships.

Voicenotes might seem less professional than written text, but most virtual communication software has this feature. For example, on LinkedIn, you can send a voice note to a potential employee which has many benefits. It’s more convenient than organizing a virtual call but more personal than a written message.

Respond to unsuccessful applicants

The reputation of your company is important to your candidates when they apply. To keep up a good reputation you need to ensure that you treat your candidates with respect. Make sure you respond to candidates who are not successful in their applications. It’s also a good idea to call your candidates for a virtual meeting to give them feedback on their recruitment performance. The more respect you show your candidates, the more likely they will be to recommend your company’s hiring process.

Virtual Office tour

As much as you’re interviewing your potential employees, they’re also interviewing you. It’s a good idea if they can gain an insight into your company during the virtual interview process. What better way to get a feel for your company than a view of the office? Your candidate can assess if your office is somewhere they can see themselves working.

Virtual Presentations

You can ask your candidates to do a virtual presentation led by your company’s industry leaders, hiring managers, or peers. Ask the candidates to present something about themselves or the company and evaluate it. It is a good idea afterward to share some interesting information about your business and its goals.

Compeitor research project

Another virtual recruitment idea is to invite your candidates and new hires to do a project on your competitors. Ask them to think of a list of strengths and weaknesses of you and your competitors. Then ask them to come up with ideas to overcome these weaknesses. This project is a win-win. You can gain an insight into your candidates’ skills while getting an outsider’s perspective on your company.

Virtual meet and greet with the CAO

Your CAO is the main person who represents your company. Although the CAO doesn’t take part in the recruitment process, it is a good idea to introduce them to your candidates over a virtual call. That way you will give both the CAO and the candidate a chance to get to know each other before they’re hired. This will also give your candidate the opportunity to ask the CAO any questions that they have.

Ask me anything sessions

You should have a virtual session to allow the candidates to ask any questions they have about the company. This is a good idea to help your potential hires do their best in the recruitment process. You can also get to know them in a more casual setting. You could record the session and post it on LinkedIn so that other potential applicants can see it.

Diversity is key

As you are recruiting your candidates virtually, the world is your oyster. You can interview candidates from any part of the world so take advantage of that and try to make your team as diverse as possible. The broader the background of your team the more skills and experience you will have. If you create a more diverse workforce more people will be interested in joining your team.

Ask for feedback

You can never improve on your recruitment process if you don’t ask for feedback. A virtual feedback session is a good opportunity to gather information. This also gives your team the chance to ask questions about the role. Following up is a nice touch to make sure that your candidates feel appreciated.

How do I use these ideas?

Now that you know our virtual recruitment ideas, the next thing you’ll need is a virtual events platform. It is best to pick one that will allow a high level of interaction between you and your candidates.

Try taking a look at  Remo. We have many interactive features such as breakout rooms, polling, and round tables. We have a 14-day free trial if you’d like to try using the product before making a commitment.

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