Webinars Humanized

Creating stronger impressions and higher engagement

What is Remo?

Live, virtual event and networking space

All-in-one platform with broadcast capabilities

Real-time, face-to-face engagement

Maximum Engagement

Live Q&A sessions maximize attendee engagement. In-app chat allows users to ask or vote for questions in real-time. Presenters can engage with attendees with no delay. 

I love this tool for the possibilities to connect; not only for teams working together, but for online meetings, networking, and conferences as well. It allowed me to connect with others in a friendly and intimate way.”

– Angelique Slob, Founder of Hello Monday

Freedom to Network

Attendees can interact in real-time just by joining a table. Finally, a virtual conference that doesn’t sacrifice the networking experience. 

“This is such a wonderful platform to connect in real-time, with like-minded professionals – GLOBALLY. As a speaker, I enjoyed the interaction; it was fluid, engaging, and authentic. I walked away with new high-quality relationship and I look forward to staying in touch with participants – online and offline. Bravo Remo!”

– Mel Lim, Founder and President of Maspira Groupe

An Authentic, Human Experience

Real-time, face-to-face interaction makes virtual networking feel natural and fun. High-quality video and audio help attendees build real relationships in real-time.

“Remo has proven to be more efficient than many offline events. Discussion, networking, learning, collaboration – exactly what the next stage of online platform needed!”

– Tijana Momirov, Founder of Startup Setup

How It Works

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An event-specific link allows access for paying attendees

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Speakers and hosts have exclusive access to admin capabilities

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Admins can broadcast presentations to all attendees instantly

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Attendees can freely network before and after presentations

User surveys show that after using Remo, participants experienced:


Higher Attendance Rate


Increased Leads


Higher Engagement

Maximize impression & engagement with an unmatched experience.