Hybrid Event Platform: The Top 7 Solutions of 2021


What is a hybrid event?

Before we decide on a hybrid event platform, what exactly is a hybrid event? Well, it’s what you’re thinking – a combination of a physical and virtual event. There are many benefits to hybrid events such as increased reach and reducing costs.

Covid-19 caused online events to become the new normal. Now thanks to the vaccine, we have a new alternative- hybrid events. What is the first thing you need when hosting a virtual or hybrid event? The perfect hybrid event platform of course! 

When it comes to virtual events, the world is our oyster. There are so many virtual event software options but don’t worry- we’re here to help.

Keep reading to decide on your ideal hybrid events platform.

1. Remo

Remo is the perfect hybrid event platform for the ultimate networking experience. The tables and floors allow you to move around and talk to different people at the event. The guests can move tables when they like so there is a lot of freedom to chat with different people.

There is also customizable floor space that will make your guests feel like they have left the house. There are so many different locations to choose from be it the beach or a bar. All in all, Remo brings real life to the virtual world.

2. Hopin

Hopin is a good hybrid event platform for large scale events. You can host events of up to 100,000 people so the event is more accessible online than in person. You can also host full-scale conferences with many stages, sessions, and expo booths. Hopin also offers high post-event analytics which is useful for analyzing your event when it is over.

3. Accelevents

Accelevents is a good option for a hybrid event platform for larger events. It also hosts up to 100,000 people. It has many useful features such as ticketing/ registration, live chat, and polling. The virtual lobby gives guests access to a newsfeed and agenda or the option to online shop. The online shopping tool during the event is great for increasing revenue.

4. Spot me

Spot me is a hybrid event platform perfect for corporate events. You can watch events live or on-demand so attendees can watch whenever they are free. The platform offers breakout sessions, personalized agendas, and gamification. It is however a little pricier than some of the other platforms starting at $4,800 per year.

5. Airmeet

Airmeet is a hybrid event platform that is ideal for corporate functions. The lounge allows guests to chat while they decide what event they would like to attend. The agenda shows which events are happening and a schedule. Many conferences can happen at the same time so guest can move if they are bored. Hosts can communicate with each other behind the scenes at the same time which is great for planning. The software is also free for up to 100 guests so if you’re on a budget that’s a plus!

6. VFairs

Vfairs is the hybrid event platform for you if you want to host a virtual fair. They specialize in fairs or exhibitions for housing, education, and product launch. There is a virtual booth that attendees can download documents and review videos. After the attendees have read the information, they meet an organizer. The guests can ask the organizer any questions they have. VFairs is perfect for giving information but not for networking as the guests can’t interact.

7. Hubilo

Hubilio is a hybrid event platform that allows you to watch your events on-demand or live. It is ideal for networking as attendees must fill in a profile with professional. If you view a profile you want to interact with at the event you can contact them. There is a networking table feature too that puts the attendees into categories. You can click on a specific topic and meet a small group of people so perfect for interaction.

Now you’ve selected a hybrid event platform, what’s next?

After selecting your perfect hybrid event platform, you can start planning your event. Check out our article on making a hybrid event budget for some tips and tricks! 

Now that you’re a hybrid event platform expert you’re ready for a trial. Why not check out our free trial at Remo or join us for a virtual tour.

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