5 Tools to Encourage Networking at Virtual Events and Conferences

Networking tools for virtual events

Networking tools for virtual events

The virtual events business model revolves around event technology. Technology enables everything from online tech conferences to workshops to live-streamed meetings and concerts. Now, what are the necessary tech tools you will need to design a virtual event, generate registrations and participation, and operate your event smoothly?  In this post, we will share some networking tools for virtual events.

Here are 5 tools to encourage networking at virtual events and conferences:




Eventify’s virtual platform is now available, make your virtual event a reality. For the ultimate virtual event experience, connect with participants, do live Questions and Answer sessions, and almost everything else you would anticipate from an online virtual conference platform. There are various connections to select from, including Youtube Live, LiveStream, Webinarjam, and our out-of-the-box solution. 

And did we mention that the virtual platform is offered on both the web and the app? Last but not least, all of this is accompanied by straightforward online registration and ticketing for your participants! Why not develop your event app if you want to change your virtual event networking structure? 

Eventify allows you to create fully customized, cross-platform applications for your meeting, and their networking service is second to none. The foundation of Eventify’s virtual networking approach is that guests are matched using ‘tag technology.’ Attendees can choose up to 20 tags that fit their interests during registration, ranging from finance to food technology! 

They are then linked to others based on shared interests. Attendees may also issue invitations to interact with others, send or receive private messages, schedule 1 on 1 meetings, and create a community all in one location. Attendees do not need to use their phones to network because both the app and the online version allow them. 

The software can also be used across many platforms, which is excellent if you’re looking for an event technology stack rather than an all-in-one solution.




Brella is a network and event management platform that works with real and virtual events, such as conferences and trade shows. The software can host many live streams at once and includes features such as live chat, event matching, 1 on 1 meeting scheduling, attendee monitoring, sponsor managing, and more. Attendees can access and participate in events from anywhere, at any time, thanks to the app store for iOS and Android.

For virtual events, Brella provides end-to-end assistance. On mobile or desktop, attendees may utilize the Brella virtual event software to keep track of almost everything connected to your event, including presenters, multi-track agendas, and sponsors. Brella also allows you to broadcast many live broadcasts at the same time. However, networking is Brella’s most vital feature. 

Brella, as one of the top event networking systems, offers artificial intelligence-powered matching, which uses shared goals to propose people to each participant. Users may conduct entire events online using Brella’s virtual event technology without sacrificing attendee experiences. Attendees may access multi-track agendas, live chat with advertisers or sponsors at virtual booths, connections to specific session live streams, and more through the centralized event center. 

The platform allows users to schedule and conduct 1-on-1 meetings and use hosted conferencing and artificial intelligence matchmaking to make networking easier. A platform for beautiful and attractive events, Brella was undoubtedly one of the most popular virtual event platforms available, and they specialize in networking. Participants are put in front of the relevant people via artificial intelligence-powered networking, utilize live chat to engage with sponsors, and quickly arrange a 1:1 video conference to build meaningful professional discussions and connections further. 

Indeed, according to Brella, you may ‘schedule the meeting of your life in under 5 seconds!




UPstage by Hire Space is a cost-effective, one-stop marketplace for virtual and hybrid meetings and seminars. The tool features intelligent networking features to help your attendees form meaningful relationships.

Whether you are organizing a 100-person event or a 100,000-person event, broadcast-quality synchronized live streaming will make it come to life. Attendees may tour virtual vendor booths, participate in engaging Q&A, and breakout sessions. Upstage also provides integrated event communication capabilities, such as artificial intelligence-powered networks. This enables 1 on 1 real-time conversation, discussion groups, and other activities. 

Real-time statistics and reports make it simple to keep track of progress. Smart features like matched networking based on interests and goals allow attendees to engage in productive conversations, enjoy speed dating-style business networking sessions, and even join focus groups. You may also check how many participants engaged with one another and set up 1:1 meetings using in-depth reporting capabilities.




Arena is a fresh new all-in-one online and hybrid meeting platform created by event planners for event planners. Consequently, it is easy, scalable, customizable, resilient, and cost-effective, which is precisely what event planners need. This customizable, cost-effective, and commitment-free solution is excellent for event planners.

Breakout rooms, Q&A, and a live broadcast with the ability to make emoji comments are just a few of the platform’s features. With this platform, your content will stand out from the crowd and take center stage. Arena is endlessly scalable, so whether you need 100 or 100,000 people, the advanced technology will meet your needs.

Arena’s breakout capability for networking is one of its most remarkable features. These breakout sessions can be audio or video, giving attendees the option to interact with their colleagues. Attendees can sit back and observe if they don’t want or are unable to participate.


Big Top


Thinking of hosting an online event that your participants will remember for a very long time? Think Big Top. A Big Top conference is guaranteed to provide your participants a memorable experience! Big Top was created by the same team that brought you virtual Christmas parties that were highlighted on the BBC, Forbes, and The New York Times.

Big Top is also the ideal virtual party platform for anyone seeking to have some fun with their team! Guests traverse the branding map and enjoy the range of world-class performances from an option of more than 30 rooms. As part of a Big Top party package, you may even have food and drinks brought to your team!

Big Top’s DNA is networking, and it offers a wholly unique perspective on virtual learning experiences. Big Top is an interactive virtual map. You can customize it to match your company’s identity and event type. Attendees move across the map and have the flexibility to explore and connect with their peers at any moment. Attendees are in a networking space that can hold over 30 people per room. 




Whether you are planning a big virtual conference or a small webinar, you have some options to choose from. There’s bound to be a technology that takes your events to a whole new level. From inventive ice breakers to crowd surveys and livestreaming, Make the best use of these tools! Have fun with them, and let us know what networking tools work the best for virtual events!

Now that you know the tools to get your audience interacting, it’s time to know what event to host. Check out our top 7 Interactive Virtual Event Ideas to Try!

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