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January 25, 2022

As many of you may recall, there was a time in the past where we struggled with platform stability. With the pandemic straining our team to the brink point we were building as fast as we could to cope with demand. As builders of a great service, we care about what our customers want.

Last year, the #1 feature that customers asked of us was stability, and that is what we focused on obsessively for the past 6 months.

Looking at where we are now, Remo is as stable as it has ever been. We still have a long way to go, but we are much more stable than where we were before. I am very proud of the entire Remo team (from engineering, QA, product, chat support, community and CX) for achieving the long hard grind of improving our platform to perform at scale. And so I want to share some of the big stability achievements we obtained from last year up till now. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Achieved zero app-wide stability issues since September 2021
  2. Refactored core functions of the application that reduced error rates by 67%
  3. Video and mic connection errors have been near eliminated except for a few issues
  4. Better monitoring post release with automated reminders, meaning any issues should be spotted sooner
  5. No releases have caused major customer-facing issues

Stability will continue to be our #1 priority and ensuring that your events are stable and also immersive is how we make our customers successful. And as always if you have any questions or concerns please contact chat support or CX, we are here to help you and always at your service

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