Online Event Software Perks and Benefits for your Business

July 13, 2021

What is an online event software?

It's 2021 and the virtual world is here to stay. We all know how to video conference but times are changing and so are our virtual event platforms. Your online event software is so much more than just a way to do video calls. They have many interactive features that allow people to connect in a meaningful way. Online software can also help you plan, market, and analyze your next virtual event. Not all virtual event platforms are the same so be sure to check them out before you make a commitment, If you’re considering signing up for an online event software you should check out these perks.

Increased event attendance

If your business wants to run an event, online event software will help you to increase your attendance. There are many restraints with physical events, your guests have to be near the event and take the time to travel to it. If you move your event online your guests can enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes. Online events are just much more compatible with our modern, busy lives.

Higher engagement with your audience

It can be really intimidating to speak in front of a large crowd at a physical event. Online event software has many engaging features so people can communicate at the event. For example, confident guests can unmute their mics to share their opinion. If you’re a little shyer you can use the chat function to type a message. There are other engaging features like polling, Q and A functions, and breakout rooms that will help you to build connections. Check out our article for some engaging virtual event ideas.

More powerful sponsorship opportunities

With physical events, only your guests who attend will see your sponsors’ material. Online event software increases your event reach which will increase your sponsors’ exposure too. As it is easy for you to make your virtual event global, you can pick a sponsor from anywhere in the world. The more established sponsors for your event, the more exposure it will get.

Social responsibility

Online events software helps us to reduce our impact on the environment. The virtual world uses less energy, creates less waste and fewer vehicles travel to the event. All in all the increase in virtual events will decrease our global energy use by 6%. You can use social responsibility to market your virtual event and know that you’re making a positive impact on the world.

Better marketing opportunities

You can use your online event software to record your event or stream it live. Posting snippets of your event is a good way to market it. With physical events, you would need to organize a camera crew to record it but your virtual event can be streamed at the press of a button. You can use your past events to market future ones by posting on social media.

Improved return on investment (ROI)

Virtual events software is a good way of cutting back on expenses. You don’t need to pay for some overhead like a venue, catering, and staff. By cutting costs and increasing your reach you will have an increased return on the event. You can use this money to invest in future events, making them even better to attract a larger number of guests.

Easy to collect feedback

You can use your online event software to collect feedback from your guests. After the event, your guests can fill in a virtual survey to give their opinion on what worked well. The feedback your guests provide will help you to structure your future events. You can also use your online software to analyze the feedback.

Greater flexibility

It is a difficult time to predict the future, nobody knows what could happen with future pandemics. Virtual events were popular before 2019, and they are only going to increase. Your online event software will prepare you for the future of virtual events. Flexibility for you and your guests will help you to plan the perfect event. If you are not using a virtual event platform, you could lose out on the business to competitors.

What is next for my business?

Now that you know all the perks of using online event software, get ready for your first virtual event! The future is here and doesn’t fall behind, get on the journey to a virtual world. If you’re looking for interactive online event software, Remo is the one for you. We have many engaging features such as breakout rooms and virtual tables which will be perfect for your online events. But take a look for yourself by joining our group demo! If you’d like to test out the product we also offer a free Free Plan.

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