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5 Minute Team Building Activities Your Virtual Team Will Love

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February 1, 2024

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We’re well into 2022 and this year has seen some exciting changes. One thing is for sure, remote work is still here. Despite covid figures falling across the globe, people are still working virtually. 

Of course, working from home has a lot of benefits. You can go for a run on your lunch or tick off some household chores. But of course, with the good comes the bad. Some studies show that working from home can increase our stress levels. It can be hard to escape the stress of the job and take your mind off work when you’re relaxing. That's why employee's well being is more important than it ever was before.

So that means that now more than ever, we need to take time to boost employee engagement in virtual team building activities. Of course, if you want to have fun at work you’ll need to organize team-building games to include all the team. Virtual events are great because they’re convenient, easy to run and flexible. If this is your first virtual event there are some key things you’ll need:

  • A plan: Make a plan of how you want to run the event. You need to decide if the event will be recorded, how many people will attend and what events you’d like.
  • Send an email: Let your team members know well in advance when the event is happening. It is a good idea to send out a list on instructions of how to log onto the event.
  • An interactive virtual events platform: Nobody wants to log onto an event after work only to sit and stare at a boring screen. Try to use interactive features to avoid ‘zoom fatigue’.
Remo is the perfect virtual platform to host virtual team building activities

Now that you know how to run a virtual event, take a look at our top 5 team-building ideas!

Our Top 5 Minutes Team Building Activities

1. Group Wordle

This group activity is great to practice your team’s problem-solving skills. The website Wordle creates a new word every day that your team needs to guess. You have six tries to get the word right and there is a new word every day. You can get the website up and screen share it over a virtual call. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s a great way to encourage team bonding at the start of the day. 

If you’re more of a numbers person, you can try Nerdle. It’s the same idea but you guess the correct math equation instead of the letter. Or even Heardle, which plays a few seconds of a song and you need to guess it. Be sure to keep track of the person who has guessed first each day. After a couple of weeks, you can send out a prize to the winner! What a nice way to boost team morale and well-being. 

2. Two Truths and a lie

This game is a fun activity to get to know people on your team. Ask your small team to write down two things that are true about them and one thing that’s made up. Then the others try to guess what is true and what is made up. This quick game is a good way to start your day off with a laugh. It will also reveal the people who are good at lying on your team.

3. Daily Trivia

Test who has the best trivia on your team with a quiz to start the morning. You can have a different theme every morning. Some fun quiz ideas include around the world, guess the lyrics, or name the celebrity. Try to use some questions that teams can’t google to be as fair as possible. This is a fun team activity to get to know people you don’t normally work with and encourages teamwork.

4. Paper Tower Challenge

This challenge will show the creative people on your team with just a piece of paper. How it works is that you ask your team to build a tower as high as they can with just sheets of paper- no glue or adhesive tape! You’d be surprised with some of the buildings people come up with. Give your team 5 minutes for this team-building game and see what they come up with. 

5. I Spy

This game starts with “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…”. You say the first letter of the object and your friends guess the word.

Of course on a virtual call, not everyone can see the same objects. But you can upload a virtual room on your events platform with items in it so everyone can see the same. This is a fun way to wake up in the morning over a coffee.

6. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Get a list of things that you have to find around the house and then show it on camera. Try to come up with a fun list of items to find so everyone can get a laugh. Some items you could include on your list are your favorite coffee mug, a funny t-shirt or a controversial food. This will help your team get to know each other in a casual way.

7. Virtual Icebreaker

Many of your team might have never seen each other in person. A new team is always daunting if you haven’t met the rest of the group. Be sure to set up a 5 minute virtual call at the start of the day to break the ice and allow everyone to get to know their first team. Virtual calls can be awkward so it’s a good idea to share some icebreaker ideas with the team. That way there won’t be any awkward silences in a large group.

8. Office pen pals

Virtual work can be a little lonely. Sometimes it’s nice to just get a message checking in to see how we are. Try making a rule for everyone to send a slack message at the start of the day to check in on their colleagues. This is a great way to build trust and to promote a positive company culture.

9. Charades

Sometimes it’s just too early to talk, so why not act things out? This game involves acting something out on zoom or event better, on Remo, and asking the other person to guess. We’ve all played this in high school but it’s still a fun game to boost your work environment. It also gives you a chance to test your non-verbal communication skills.

10. Guess who office style

Join a virtual call and ask someone to put on a blindfold. Then ask another team member to join the call and guess who they are. You could ask a third team member to describe them or see if they can identify them by the sound of their voice. Of course, there has to be a time limit so set a minute per person.

What’s next for my virtual team-building?

Book a Free Demo Today

Now that you’ve read our top 5 minute remote team building exercises, you’re ready. Start running your first virtual event to bring your whole team together. Of course, the first thing you’ll need is an interactive virtual events platform. Remo is a great platform to host your team events on. There are many interactive features like customizable floor plans that will bring your event to a whole new location, whiteboards, shuffle mode, and way more. 

Take a look yourself, we have a free personalized demo so you can learn about how Remo can help your specific event or jump right in with one of our plans.  Your team spirit will skyrocket after one of these team building events!

And if you need more ideas like this, check out our other blogs on team building games and team building activities.

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