Use Case: Community Builder

Hi Jacob, what do you do?

Founder of Commsor, Community Manager of various communities.

How did you get started with your business?

Founded a platform of tools for community managers after experiencing first-hand pain-points and challenges of successfully growing and engaging groups.

What tools do you use for your business?

Slack, Remo, Commsor.

What problem does Remo solve for you?

Provides a fantastic forum for community members to connect, unlocking and increasing community engagement.

Tell us about your business challenges *before* you started using Remo

Was searching for new ways to help community members connect and engage.

How did you try to solve your business challenges before you found Remo?

Didn’t have a solution.

What was your main concern before using Remo and what put your fears to rest?

Worried it would be cumbersome and high friction to onboard each member and have them create new accounts. Turns out it’s really easy and the onboarding process is well guided!

How would you describe Remo?

The best way to connect with people.

What results have you had from using Remo?

Increased engagement, increased satisfaction from community members.

What are the top 3 benefits you have experienced since using Remo?

Increased engagement, satisfaction, and unlocking for us an additional new forum for face to face communication that we never had before.

Jacob Peters

Hi I’m Jacob. Began my career at a big bank as an ‘intrapreneur’, and helped start NYC’s largest community of data science professionals. Now a Founder working at the intersection of data, technology, and community. Currently building Commsor to help companies create better communities.

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