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The Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Your Remote Team

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February 1, 2024

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Your remote team members need team bonding just as much, if not more, than any in-person employees.

But for most companies, planning remote team building activities can be quite the headache. This is why we partnered up with some amazing team building focused companies to provide you a complete guide with tons of virtual activities and ideas that are sure to improve employee engagement

From quick virtual team building icebreakers, to fun virtual team building activities for small groups, activities to do during conference calls, or virtual happy hour games, we have the perfect virtual team building activity for your needs.

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building is a term for various types of virtual activities used to enhance social relations, build trust and define roles within remote teams, often involving collaborative tasks, virtual games, and teamwork.

You can improve your team building with multiple different virtual activities, from having donuts delivered in everyone's home office, to asking ice breaker questions during a town hall meeting or having a pub trivia night or happy hour. In this article we will go through many different team building ideas to help you decide what’s best for your remote team.

What is a good virtual team building activity?

A good virtual team building activity is one that is easy to play for everyone, no long explanations or need to know some obscure facts to be able to participate. It also needs to improve team building with some teamwork and communication. So ideally, a game that would make you work together in teams towards a common goal.

Here are some examples of good virtual team building activities:

  • Virtual murder mystery
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Virtual puzzles
  • Virtual trivia games or virtual game shows
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
  • Virtual Pictionary

virtual team building activity on remo
The Secret Library game we played on Remo in our annual virtual retreat

What are some fun virtual activities for work?

A fun way to do virtual team building is also to play online games with your remote workers, after all, team building can also be just about having fun together. Here are some games you could try in your next online meeting:

  • Virtual pop-culture trivia game
  • Virtual dance party
  • Virtual Karaoke
  • Virtual Book club 
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Themed Happy Hours
  • Who’s home office is this?
  • Donut and coffee breaks

What are some 5 minute team building activities?

You’re in a rush? These activities can be planned in less than 5 minutes, so it’s perfect for a weekly game or improvised get together. 

  • Virtual show and tell
  • Water cooler conversations
  • Never have I ever (office edition)
  • Virtual Pictionary
  • Jackbox games
  • Netflix watch party

What tools to use for your virtual team building activities?

You want more than a slack channel or a Microsoft Teams call with a music playlist on the background. You want a custom virtual work environment. Virtual team building exercises have evolved quite a bit since the pandemic started, you now have tons of amazing team bonding options and tools to help you attain your team building goals.

There are multiple different types of tools you can use, the first one would be a virtual workspace, or a virtual office where you can meet face to face, do some check-ins with your remote team during the workday, have your water cooler conversations, coffee breaks, and other virtual team building events or virtual icebreaker games. 

For this, the best virtual meeting tool to use is Remo. 


team building activities remo

With Remo you can recreate your work environment, or just have a fun place to get together and meet up!

You can enter presentation mode to have some video conferencing capabilities and present your screen or game to all the remote employees. 

With remote work, having a tool that help promote your company culture and team bonding in a fun way is really a must.

Try Remo for free or visit our open floor plan.

Virtual team building games services and facilitators

Forget boring personality tests or DIY video conferences with emojis as the only interaction between your team members. You want to improve your team meetings and team cohesion with fun games hosted by a professional facilitator. 

You can have preset virtual team building activities, like fun friendly competitions, or online team building games already created and designed so that all you have to do is sit and have fun without worrying about your remote work.

Here are some amazing virtual team building games options:

1. Wildgoose

team building activities wildgoose

Location: Global

Price range: Starting at $15 USD per person

Established in 2003, Wildgoose is an award-winning events company, specializing in a unique range of hybrid, in-person and virtual team building activities. Using interactive technology, they deliver flexible, purposeful and sustainable team events all over the world. They took the traditional team building concept and combined it with an immersive app to create fun, engaging challenges for team members and groups of all sizes.

Clients can book remote team activities on demand from anywhere in the world. They have multiple types of activities available such as:

  • Arctic Survival Virtual Escape Room
  • Virtual Quiz Night
  • Virtual Away Day
  • Virtual Murder Mystery

One of their most popular and fun activity is Murder on the train, a murder mystery with a orient express twist that can accommodate up to 250 people. 

2. Greenhat Games

team building activities greenhat games

Location: Global. Games are available in English, German, Swedish, Danish and Spanish.

Price range: $12-$19 pp + $295 Set Up Fee

Greenhat games are experts in virtual team building, they have designed digital team games for corporate clients for more than 10 years. Their Virtual Team Building offering is designed to fit perfectly with video conference systems.

All their games are fun, user friendly and very engaging and there is no need for downloads. 

More than 8,000 corporations and +1,000,000 employees have already experienced their solutions, achieving a recommendation rate of 97%.

One of their popular games is their Beat the Hacker, a virtual escape room, In the game, your team members crack fun and tricky missions of various types together for 45-60 minutes. There is no player limit – you can have thousands of players take part from across the globe.

3. Moniker 

team building activities moniker

Location: worldwide

Price range: $30/pp - $40/pp for most experiences; murder mysteries have flat fees ranging from $5,500-$7,500

Moniker are an award-winning company culture agency, focused on helping distributed companies get together with imaginative company retreats and creative virtual team building games, anywhere in the world.

They create and operate unforgettable experiences and memories for our clients and their teams in a fun, transparent, and collaborative way. They offer immersive and unique experiences with interesting themes and intricate plotlines that are run by real humans - live hosts and facilitators (and live actors in some cases!). Their experiences feature incredible graphics - from professionally recorded videos to fully 3D rendered environments - all of which will immerse each participant into their virtual world.

team building activities abandon ship

One of their most awesome team building experiences is Abandon Ship, a Pirate’s Escape! It’s a 3D Virtual Escape Room in which you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell. While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return. You’ll work as a team to race through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel, in your quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship!


4. Virtual Team Experience 

team building activities virtual team experience

Location - Globally, from America, to Europe to Asia, through Remo.

Price range - Experiences start from 300 euros and higher. 

Virtual Team Experience is an international start-up of young creative minds who want to bring personality back to the virtual world. They strongly believe that a gamified approach based on human interaction can take professional training and development to the highest level. That’s why they design and develop Team Building “Experiences” and E-Learning courses that are people-centered and focused on keeping participants deeply engaged, remotely.

They offer guided virtual and hybrid experiences designed to energize your team, while boosting their motivation and productivity. Each team is guided by expert facilitators, who will make the experience a truly unique and immersive time for every participant.

Their most iconic Experience is Escape Hollywood; a virtual journey into Hollywood's world, where participants will have to find the secret script of the most visionary Masterpiece Hollywood has ever created!

5. City Brew Tours

team building activities city brew tours

Location: Shipping in USA

Price range: $65 per box per person + shipping and fees

City Brew Tours' virtual arm is called Unboxed Experiences. 

They help you spice up your virtual happy hours with Beer and Cheese Pairing Experiences! Utilizing the same entertaining methods that their guides use on tours, this live virtual guided beer experience explores the intricacies of pairing beer and cheese while adding a fun interactive spin to the existing video chat or slack call with remote workers or clients.

Each event includes Custom Tasting Boxes delivered to participants a few days before the event. The tasting boxes are fully customizable and can include 2-5 beers and gourmet cheeses, artisanal chocolates, and smoked meats. The boxes can also be customized with custom pint glasses or koozies for a fee. 

6. Virtual Escape Room

Location: Global.

Price range: Between $10 to $15 per person, plus a $120 nonrefundable minimum event fee due upon scheduling that pays for up to the first 2 teams.

 Virtual Escape Room is a digital collaboration platform that uses “escape game” story-based puzzles to connect your group. The puzzles are so fun and challenging that they’ll make you forget that you are on a video call. Your group is broken into teams of 4-6 people to complete a series of challenges faster than the teams that you are competing against. The platform can be used for corporate events, family birthday parties, hangouts with friends, professional networking opportunities, and more. 

 Virtual Escape Room events require no effort to set up, are massively scalable, and create an excellent foundation for participants to engage with each other about the experience even after they have completed it. 

An example of a game they offer? “Go For Gold

Go for Gold is a game where your multi-talented Olympic team is lost in transit to the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. You'd better hurry up and find your way, because once there you'll be competing in Track & Field, Swimming, Basketball, AND Soccer. Work as a team to "go for the gold" in each challenge to become the most decorated Olympians in history.

7. Jambar TeamBuilding

team building activities jambar

Location: Globally

Price range: $30-$35/pax

Jambar Team Building organizes customized and innovative team building activities for corporate and private clients.

The team building activities and team development programs that they offer are based on elements of fun and cooperation. Companies can easily learn and practice how to work together more effectively with Jambar's team building activities.

One of the most popular team building activities they offer is the Virtual Amazing Race - A race where players try to be the first team or first person to arrive at the Pit Stop by completing station challenges and solving tricky and mind-boggling codes and puzzles.

8. Engamio

Location: Global

Price range: Engamio has a free sandbox account for 30 plays or less per month, otherwise their monthly based plans start at $150 per month. You can also choose a custom plan with the number of plays you'd like. 

Engamio's solution is also easily embedded inside our Whiteboard and Iframe inside a Remo Miro board.

Engamio's engagers can be leveraged in different creative ways by the organization. The games can be a competitive experience where teams can work together to complete the task through a "relay experience".  4 Games and each team picks the top player to represent the team to play the game as the key controller. Or it be each player plays all the games and the combined results of all games for the team makes up the results.   

Here are a couple of games they offer that you can leverage for your virtual team building activities:

  • Map - Great for networking or even used as a Scavenger hunt where the profile pins can be strategically added in different locations, each profile image can be an image of a clue and the links can lead them to any URL that offers the riddle or more clues. 
  • Selfie - Choose from 4 different layout templates and customize them to recognize the team accomplishments by creating selfie experiences. 

9. 100 Point Challenge

team building activities 100 points challenge

Location: Global

Price range: Starting from $199 per session and up, depending on the number of participants, or $99 per year.

100 Point Challenge helps team leaders build happier, better performing teams through games, tools and education. 

They specialize in building challenging and quirky problem solving games designed for modern teams. You won't find any bank robberies or spy themes in their games, as they prefer to borrow from current trends and themes, like the metaverse, for example. They make sure that their games do not require much pre-existing knowledge (as is the case for trivia), to ensure they are inclusive and suitable for international teams. 

They also build bespoke team games for companies, with company-specific content and themes incorporated, to support team development. We believe team building is about creating regular opportunities for interesting shared team experiences, and that team games and activities can provide a medium to understand yourself and your colleagues better.

A virtual team building activity that's really popular is The Trip where teams work together to solve a series of 10 individual puzzles and a master problem with an “aha!" moment at the end. 

10. GetSomeClass

team building activities getsomeclass

Location: Global

Price range: Custom for any budget

If you’re looking for virtual fun that’s original and out there, stop right here. 

GetSomeClass offer a series of unique, quirky, intellectually rich social fun activities all led by top talent (and we’ve used their services here on Remo, for Remo itself)!

They also make fancy-shmancy event kits, including raw ingredient packages, cocktail kits, art, chess, and custom packages and promotional materials.

GetSomeClass offers fun, interactive, and unique team-building events to build  productivity, enthusiasm, and connection.  From improv to freestyle rap to espionage games (and much more), your teams will laugh and share experiences with their teammates to form lasting relationships which will result in increased productivity and morale for your company!

A great example of a team building activity GetSomeClass created is Name That Tune, a trivia style game where they’ll take your team for a tour of the music of the past 50 years and find that music guru hiding on your team, while giving everyone a musical blast.

11. Team Days

team building activities teamdays

Location: Globally

Price range - $25p/p - $149 p/p

Team Days Virtual brings a party vibe to corporate events and group activities, combining creativity, adventure and fun to offer the best virtual team-building activities and experiences across the globe. Team Days Virtual tailors vibrant group events and team-bonding experiences for corporations large and small. They focus on creating intimate and memorable experiences for tight-knit teams. 

One of their best virtual experience is Space Escape, a game where your squad are new space cadets en route to Mars until the ship is taken over by hostile and mysterious artificial intelligence. Your team must now solve the challenges in order to unlock a series of rooms and regain control of the ship…and there’s only 60 minutes on the clock!


Location: Global

Price range: Starting at 45€ per person

Since 2008, GEO°BOUND has been an expert for high-quality corporate events with tailor-made remote or live concepts.

GEO°BOUND stand for creative, innovative, and immersive adventures with a high fun factor and organize individual concepts using the latest technology. They combine communication, team spirit and a thirst for adventure into a lasting experience for every team.

Clients can book remote team activities on demand. They have multiple types of activities available such as:

- Remote Team Quiz

- Remote Word Trip/Remote Geocaching

- Remote Crime Challenge

One of their most popular and thrilling activity is the Remote Crime Challenge, a modern crime game taking place on a custom Police-Station Floorplan. Due to the real-life references, escape-room elements, high interaction and the police database, your investigations will feel as immersive as possible.

Time to get started! 

team building activities remo

If your remote team is ready for some fun, start by getting Remo for free! You'll be able to go from table to table and discuss in real-time just like you would in your normal workspace, use whiteboards, host dance parties, or simply host any other team building activity you would normally do on video conference calls (but better)!

Now that you're ready, go plan your next awesome virtual team building activities with our custom step by step Remo event package!

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