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Virtual Olympics Party Ideas And Games

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January 30, 2024

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Want to win the gold medal for best virtual olympic themed party? You're in the right place! 

The winter olympics are right around the corner and you probably want to host a fun party to celebrate!

Here's how to have a successful event in no time, even if your friends and family are all around the globe.

What's a good virtual platform for your Olympics party?

Forget zoom calls, teams and Facetime, there's something way better for your Olympic games party, and it's called Remo.

Olympics party ideas remo
You can use this amazing Olympics floor plan in Remo!

With Remo you can have real and meaningful discussions because you actually can walk around and decide who to talk to, just like in real-life.

You can go to this amazing little winter Olympics cabin, go from table to table, and have fun video calls with your friends and family. You can also go in presentation mode for your games, use whiteboards, timers, screen sharing, and even shuffle tables to make sure everyone gets to talk to everyone. Possibilities are endless.

Use Remo for your next party!

What Olympics Party Games Can You Play?

No matter if it's summer games, winter games or just a sports party, you can pull off amazing DIY Olympics games in Remo, here are some fun ideas:

1. Opening Ceremony Viewing Party

Why not watch the Olympics or the opening ceremony all together? You can also create a party theme for different Olympic sports, like a gymnastic event for summer Olympics, or a snowboarding event for the winter Olympics.

2. Olympic Trivia

When did Tokyo host the Olympics? In which year was the first Winter Olympics held? How many rings do the Olympics flag contain? What do the five rings on the Olympics flag refer to? Create an Olympics trivia and give medals to the winners!

3. Olympic Medal Winners Drafts

Who's going to win the gold, silver or bronze medals in each Olympic sports? Choose a few popular disciplines and place bets on which country is going to win. You can do an Olympic closing ceremony and see who scored the best, maybe even give the winner an amazon gift card or gold medal?

4. Olympic Rings Scavenger Hunt

Put a one minute or 2 minute timer and ask your attendees to find something of each color of the Olympic rings : blue, yellow, black, green, and red, or of the team usa colors: red, white, blue. Make sure they bring their object on camera before the finish line and eliminate whoever didn't find anything to show, until there's only one gold medal winner standing! 

5. Olympics Bingo

Find some free printables or create your own Olympics themed bingo game. It's super easy and always a crowd pleaser. 

6. Olympics Charades 

This classic game is perfect for virtual crowds. One person acts out a word or phrase and the rest of the team has to guess what it is. Of course, you can use Olympic themed phrases and expressions like: Passing the torch, on the podium, or finishing last. 

What Are Good Olympics Party Food?

You can create your own Olympics party themed food like cupcakes or sugar cookies with little world flag toppers, olympics onion rings, or other DIY party theme foods from buffalo wings on little paper plates to big Olympic style cake.

You can also have decorations with Olympic rings everywhere (maybe with hula hoops as Olympic rings?) or even build a podium centerpiece to put on the table. Possibilities are endless, but this requires quite a lot of work.

Why not send party favors to your attendees and have everyone receive some party supplies, party decorations, food, and more, all at the same time? Simply use a service like Hoppier, or Snack Magic. They take care of everything for you, and can deliver internationally!

It's party time!

Alright, time to pass the Olympic torch on to you, now go for the gold and create the perfect virtual Olympics party! 

For any other virtual party game ideas for birthday parties, sports parties, and more, make sure to check our other blog posts on the matter.

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